$139 MIL+ Miskitu-Nicaragua Genocide Case In U.S. Court Invokes Political Question From Our Readers?

Young Reverend. Josephenie 1957 when she took Royal Staff and Responsibility for her Miskitu Nation

Out of her own money Reverend. Josephenie sent 2.5 toms of humanitarian aid home.. She’s not been able to send more as her nation faces famine she needs to feed her people will you help?

Not just people are being exterminated, starved all inhabitants of the miskitu nation suffer including Enviorment and Ecology

How does our U S constitution have anything to do with another government being awful to a group of people in another country?

Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you.”

— ― Shannon L. Alder

OAKLAND, CA, U S A , July 13, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — We felt that this was an important question to answer. Prior to giving the direct answer, please allow us to provide you with some history regarding the current conflict: The Sandinista-Contras Nicaraguan civil war of the 1980’s and 1990’s. The Sandinistas forcibly intervened in the sovereign Miskitu life which compelled the Miskitus to ''take up arms”. Many allied with Contras in order to protect themselves from the Sandinistas.

A documentary by Lee Shapiro in 1984, entitled “Nicaragua was our Home”, detailed investigative interviews, eyewitness accounts and compelling evidence that the Sandinistas led by Daniel Ortega were responsible for Miskitu peoples seeking refuge in Honduras, the U S and other countries. The documentary also made specific charges that 49 Miskito villages along the Coco River were burned down by Sandinista; 65 bombs were dropped on six villages in 11 days.

Enter resolution 650: A joint peace proposal by the Democratic Speaker of the House Jim Wright and Ronald Reagan that helped precipitate a peace agreement at a meeting of five Central American chiefs of state in July, 1987.

However, the Miskitu peoples were betrayed in this peace agreement. They were forced to disarm (leaving the fox in the hen house) also experienced betrayal when the Sandinistas negotiated with Miskitu peoples who allied themselves to Sandinistas and not the entire nation or the Government in Exile.

Today, the same M.O. of Genocide and Torture are being used to destroy the Miskitu Nation.The Colonos are the new Sandinista. With no recourse the Miskitu peoples took their cause to United States Federal Court. Unless it was and is the intent of the United States to afford the Nicaraguan government the opportunity to annex the Miskitu nation under conditions of total submission, something must be done.

If you’d like to take it back one hundred years to present we do so. In 1894, the United States, Great Britain, Spain, The Pope, and Nicaragua were part of the treaty that force annexed Mosquitia to Central American Countries, (up until recently the U N gave Miskitu territory to El Salvador) That treaty was over 1957 and was when the young, Rev.Josephenie, under the direction of the Royal families and Council of Elders, took the royal staff and proclaimed the independence of her nation. The following is quoted from FWJ (Fourth World Journal) interview:

“In 1957, my brothers and uncles were killed by the Somoza Government and upon the demand of the Council of Elders and Miskitu Royal family of Kuum and my
people, I declared the independence of the Miskitu Nation from Nicaragua and Honduras. In 1960, I was given the option to be exiled permanently or face death. With . 72 hours to leave my beloved remaining family and friends in Mosquitia, I left with the belief I would be of better service to my people alive. Ever since, I have been
pursuing the full sovereignty and international right to self determination for the Miskitu People!”

-Rev. Josephenie Robertson,
Matriarch of the Miskitu Nation

Reverend Josephenie Hendy Clarence Tawaska Robertson said this in regards to the current state of affairs, specifically environmentally:

“I am here to tell you the beautiful history and culture of the Miskitu people and the plight we face today. The oppression, raping and violence done by the Somoza government, including the exploitation of our natural resources by them and foreign companies has literally left us a shattered memory of what we once were. Unlike Daniel Ortega’s current rule, Somoza did not destroy the ecology nor the environment.We were allowed to fish, cut lumber, build our homes/ships, cook, had clean water and beaches, a vibrant language and culture, abundant work and animals of all kinds in the ocean, land, and sky. My Miskitu culture appreciates and is in tune with nature, as we are taught to listen to it along with our own culture.

As stewards of the land, they strive for an ecological and environmental system that is in balance with modern technology and still allows for human progress. In the past when they cut down one tree they would plant five more. They care for their water and sewage supply. Poverty and continued mistreatment has left the nation in a state of depression and shock. The people are unable to effectively govern their land because of foreign involvement.

US, Canada, Europe, China, Venezuela and Russia, UN Global Compact are complicit in the current state of the Miskitu territories and are going so far as to erase us off maps and turn deaf to our screams for help!

We ask the U S public and the world to please help us. We are not asking for anything that does not belong to us and our offspring. If this is a democracy then no one, not even heads of states, should have immunity. In a democracy all men are created equal and are held accountable for their action regardless of status. If they can't be held accountable for their command responsibility what is to become of the world?

The EU, U S A and other developed countries have and will continue to have mass immigration and crime problems. 65% of the planet cannot continue to be forsaken for the sake of profit and loss of profit.

As a democratic, civilized and intelligent groups of people. We must help other nations, educate, and develop the undeveloped. If we do not then we face an epidemic of poverty and crime in all of the world.

Does the U S and E U plan on housing all immigrants fleeing dad Rulers? That will be a ‘tight squeeze’ here at home in the U S A considering Mosquitia is at their backdoor as China and Russia begins to settle in stolen Miskitu Territories.

Do we start making those in command responsible and accountable for the safe and smooth running of their countries so that the only immigration will be that of touristic, business, visit, residence and/or trade and not out of desperation?


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Nicaragua Was Our Home- Lee Shapiro

Source: EIN Presswire