Park University Spearheads Effort of Congress-Led Systematic Review of Minorities Being Denied Medal of Honor

Park University

House of Representatives and Senate Have Introduced Bipartisan Bills

PARKVILLE, MISSOURI, USA, April 18, 2019 / — The U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate have introduced separate bills to require the systematic review of minority veterans who served in World War I. Park University has been the driving force behind the bipartisan bills introduced in Congress on April 10 (H.R.2249) and April 11 (S.1218).

The Valor Medals Review is being conducted by the University’s George S. Robb Centre for the Study of the Great War and the Valor Medals Review Task Force which was formed in August 2018 in conjunction with the Foundation for the Commemoration of the World Wars on behalf of the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission.

The legislation, if signed into law, will require the Department of Defense to carry out a systematic review of select members of the U.S. Armed Forces, who, in spite of valorous deeds, may have been denied the Medal of Honor due to race. The bills also waive the statute of limitations associated with any cases identified by the review, authorizing the award of a Medal of Honor to any individuals identified by the DOD in the study.

To be eligible for the review, a veteran must have received a Distinguished Service Cross and/or received/been recommended for a Medal of Honor or the French Croix de Guerre with palm. Additionally, the veteran must be African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Jewish-American or Native American. With the exception of Native Americans, this criteria is based exactly on existing precedent used by Congress since the beginning of the systematic reviews in the 1990s. Though excluded by the World War II and later reviews, Native Americans are included in this review as their World War I service predates the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 (also known as the Snyder Act).

The Valor Medals Review Task Force is comprised of volunteer scholars and veterans prepared to complete the records collection phase of the project using private donations, precluding the need for government appropriation to finance the most costly and time-consuming aspects of the effort. In its first eight months of operation, the Task Force has been endorsed by the two largest veteran service organizations in the nation — the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars — as well as by more than a dozen other veteran and military service organizations, the grandson of Alvin Cullum York (known as Sergeant York) and three retired flag officers.

The VMRTF’s research team is chaired by Timothy Westcott, Ph.D., associate professor of history at Park University and director of Park’s George S. Robb Centre for the Study of the Great War, and Jeffrey Sammons, Ph.D., professor of history at New York University. The Centre’s namesake, a 1912 Park University graduate, was a white officer in the “Harlem Hellfighters” (the mostly black 369th Regiment of New York), a World War I hero and a 1919 Medal of Honor recipient.

Despite comprising two combat divisions, including the “Harlem Hellfighters,” which logged more combat days and casualties than any other American regiment, none of the more than 367,000 African-Americans soldiers who served in the World War I received the Medal of Honor.

The House of Representatives bill, which has been referred to the House Committee on Armed Services, is sponsored by J. French Hill, (R-Ark.), and co-sponsored by Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), Sam Graves, (R-Mo.) and Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.). The Senate bill, which has been referred to the Senate Committee on Armed Services, is sponsored by Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), and co-sponsored by Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.).

— @ParkUniversity —

Founded in 1875 in Parkville, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City, Park University is a nonprofit, private institution that is a national leader in higher education. In 2000, Park achieved university status and currently serves 16,290 students at 42 campuses in 22 states and online, including Parkville, Independence and Kansas City, Mo.; Lenexa, Kan.; Gilbert, Ariz.; Barstow and Victorville, Calif.; Austin and El Paso, Texas; and 33 military installations across the country.

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Pacific Sky Aviation Implements Britannica's Fox Training Management System in Record Time

Pacific Sky Aviation Aircraft

Canada’s Pacific Sky Aviation Flight School Training in the Sky

Fox Training Management System by Britannica Knowledge Systems

Pacific Sky provided us with positive feedback on Fox's simple self-implementation process. I credit this success to their motivation, coupled with Britannica's new ready-made onboarding tools.”

— Asher Dagan, VP-Product & Marketing, Britannica Knowledge Systems

CALGARY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA , April 18, 2019 / — Pacific Sky Aviation Inc. (Pacific Sky), the British Columbia-based flight school, has implemented the Fox Training Management System by Britannica Knowledge Systems in the record-breaking time of three weeks.

"The Pacific Sky team provided us with very positive feedback on Fox's simple self-implementation process," said Asher Dagan, VP Product & Marketing, Britannica Knowledge Systems. "I credit this success to Pacific Sky's motivation, coupled with Britannica's new ready-made onboarding tools."

Fox's new self-implementation tools are a component of its recently launched "Fox-for-All" approach. Developed from knowledge gained serving large aviation customers including United Airlines, American Airlines, Boeing, ANA, British Airways and LATAM, the approach combines proven industry-specialized solutions, easy self-onboarding and management tools (for data migration and integration), scalable pricing, cost-efficient shared cloud services and tiered support packages.

In just the first quarter of 2019, the approach has drawn various-sized organizations to adopt Fox, including Singapore Flight School and Pobeda Airlines (Russia).

In less than a month after kick-off, Fox is fully implemented at Pacific Sky's Flight Training Center in Calgary near the International Airport, Alberta, Canada for their Twin Otter and CL Water Bomber programs. As one comprehensive system, Fox manages all operational training requirements including resource allocation, scheduling, pilot training records, qualifications and learning.

Fox's analytics and automated processes help Pacific Sky improve training development, learning and testing, and performance evaluation. Push alerts and notifications keep Pacific Sky's Fox users updated with task and schedule changes. Its instructors and evaluators are now capturing real-time performance data online and offline on mobile devices using the Fox Grading app to eliminate paper, improve accuracy, ensure training quality and maintain standards.

About Britannica Knowledge Systems (
At Britannica Knowledge Systems, we develop industry-leading visionary solutions to optimize training operations. Our flagship product, Fox, the sophisticated algorithm-based training management system, helps small to large and complex training organizations systemize processes, reduce costs and improve throughput. We listen closely to our customers and continuously enhance Fox with cutting-edge technology to meet evolving needs. Our talented and experienced professionals apply proven methodologies to ensure complete customer success.

About Pacific Sky Aviation (
Pacific Sky Aviation is a privately held B.C. company, with operations at our headquarters in Victoria and at its Twin Otter flight test and training center in Calgary, Alberta. For over 25 years, Pacific Sky has been a Transport Canada-approved provider of flight training, including initial licensing and ratings for new pilots, Multi-Engine and IFR Training. Since the launch of the Series 400 Twin Otter, Pacific Sky has also provided advanced Twin Otter training for pilots throughout the world.

Pamela Azaria
Britannica Knowledge System
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Fox Training Management System for Civil Aviation

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Certification of Veteran Businesses

The country’s leading Certification Organization for SD/VOBs of all sizes.

Jeanetta Darno

Strategic HR Advisors

I am particularly thrilled to join NVBDC. I look forward to helping with the continued growth of value-driven partnerships between certified veteran-owned organizations and corporate partners”

— Jeanetta Darno

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — The National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) is proud to announce Jeanetta Darno has been elected to the NVBDC Board of Directors. Jeanetta is the CEO of Strategic HR Advisors and is a diversity, equity and inclusion executive. During her extensive career, Jeanetta has worked with Fortune 100 companies in various sectors including financial services, healthcare and retail.

In a show of cooperation and respect for a former fellow employee, Okwudili (Didi) Anekwe of Nationwide Insurance recommended Jeanetta to NVBDC as a possible board member. He described Jeanetta as one of his mentors, adding the fact that she was a former Army Airborne officer, which is one of the criteria of the NVBDC for board membership. A majority percentage of the NVBDC Board of Directors must be Veterans. “Jeanetta is a great recommendation and we appreciate Didi’s effort to connect us”, said NVBDC President Keith King.

Jeanetta is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council and was awarded the Ohio Diversity Council’s Most Powerful and Influential Woman Award, Diversity in Business First Outstanding Diversity Role Model Award, and the Ohio Diversity Council Multicultural Leadership Award. In addition to her career as an executive, she served as a highly-decorated Airborne Officer in the U.S. Army for seven years.

“As a combat veteran, I am particularly thrilled to join the NVBDC national board”, said Jeanetta Darno.  “They have created a robust certification process for veteran-owned business.  I look forward to building on that success to help with the continued growth of value-driven partnerships between certified veteran-owned organizations and corporate partners.”

NVBDC Board Members provide invaluable insight and guidance on supplier diversity concerns for our certified Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOBs). “As a veteran and successful business owner, Jeanetta is an outstanding example for our certified veteran business owners.” When meeting with the NVBDC board, she commented how easy it was to talk to her fellow veterans, and that she wants to be a part of an organization working toward helping veterans succeed. Her HR background brings an important wealth of knowledge that NVBDC needs in order to expand the organization. “Jeanetta has already accepted two committee positions and we are gearing up to utilize her knowledge. We’re proud to have Jeanetta on the NVBDC Board and we look forward to working with her,” said Keith King.

Jeanetta graduated with an MBA in Business from Ohio State University and has a MS in Human Resources from Texas A&M.

NVBDC’s Mission:
The NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.

FIND US. LIKE US. FOLLOW US. JOIN US. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Instagram

Keith King
National Veteran Business Development Council
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Fernando Guadalupe Encourages Support of the World Vision Charity

Fernando Guadalupe

FORT JACKSON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, April 17, 2019 / — Decorated Army Veteran Fernando Guadalupe spent decades in service enhancing many Army divisions and demonstrating leadership and expertise in emerging topics. Mr. Guadalupe has also served as an outstanding role model in his community where he supports outreaches and organizations such as the World Vision charity.

Veterans already serve critical roles in society. Their service and protection ensure our way of life isn’t obstructed by conflicts with foreign territories, making them undisputable heroes in many Americans’ eyes. Distinguished officers like Fernando Guadalupe who spend their free time giving back to local communities are viewed as exceptional citizens as well as national heroes by their neighbors. It’s this image that Mr. Guadalupe encourages all soldiers to adopt.

“After their service, Army veterans can volunteer with organizations like Meals on Wheels to deliver food to the needy,” says Fernando Guadalupe, “or help to end poverty and injustice around the world through the World Vision charity.”

In this way, Fernando Guadalupe says returning soldiers can get acclimated into society while doing good deeds that go on to improve their communities. Among other charities he supports, Mr. Guadalupe spends much of his own free time in partnership with the World Vision charity, which aims to spread equality around the world through its thousands of regular volunteers.

“World Vision is one of the world’s most impactful and well-recognized charities,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “It sponsors many trustworthy programs that deliver real results across borders.”

The World Vision charity has raised awareness of injustice and poverty and put resolutions into action for more than six decades. The organization bases its practices off Christian models of philanthropy and uses love and solidarity to empower struggling communities. The charity was initially started by Bob Pierce back in the 1950s to support a single person struggling with unique circumstances. Since then, the organization has grown to adopt the various needs of families and individuals around the world with no limit. World Vision assisted stranded Vietnamese refugees during the 70s, battled Ethiopian famine in the 80s, and brought the AIDS conversation to the Church in the 90s.

“Few organizations have created such an impact and maintained such a healthy reputation as World Vision charity,” says Fernando Guadalupe.

World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender and donates over 80% of all their funds to directly help children, families, and suffering people around the world. Today, they enact change and improve lives through thousands of dedicated participants like Mr. Guadalupe. These volunteers assist by gathering and contributing food donations for shortages and helping with disaster relief situations (such as cleaning up and offering aid after hurricanes, tsunamis, and wildfires) among other important tasks.

To date, their hard work and the dedicated leadership of volunteers like Fernando Guadalupe have helped more than four million children in need and millions of other struggling individuals across the globe.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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7 Tips On Filing A Defense Base Act Claim That You Need To Know






Doolittle & Tucker should be your go-to Defense Base Act attorneys. Call for a free case review with one of our

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — You might recall the old joke, where a tourist in New York City stops a pedestrian on the street and asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The pedestrian ruefully replies, “Practice, practice, practice.”

The joke is still a good one after all these years, and it brings to mind a similar sentiment with regard to the Defense Base Act. Namely, how do you make a claim under the Defense Base Act? Process, process, process.

Overseas Contractors for the U.S. Military – The Defense Base Act Is Your Workers’ Compensation Plan

Private contractors and other non-military workers employed overseas by the United States government should be aware of the Defense Base Act, which is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Non-military personnel who do contract work for the military (most often in overseas military bases) have their workers’ compensation benefits administered by the Defense Base Act.

Therefore, if you are a civilian working for the U.S. military overseas and have been injured or a loved one has been killed, in a work-related incident, you need to turn to the Defense Base Act for compensation. To get that compensation you need to know a little about the claims process.

This article will give you 7 important tips to keep in mind whenever filing a Defense Base Act claim. However, it is highly recommended that you get the help of an experienced Defense Base Act lawyer to assist you. The “process, process, process” of a Defense Base Act claim could be tricky, and there are many potential pitfalls.

At Doolittle & Tucker, we are dedicated to helping people understand and avoid the pitfalls that come with any Defense Base Act claim. Our experienced Defense Base Act attorneys will make sure that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled after a workplace accident.

Our attorneys are truly the best in Florida when it comes to Defense Base Act representation. We can do the work while you focus on the most important thing – healing. To learn more about our expertise on filing Defense Base Act claims after reading this article, call us at 904.396.1734. We will worry about your Defense Base Act claim, so you don’t have to.

Process, Process, Process

Before getting to the helpful tips, there are some basics you need to know about filing a Defense Base Act Claim. First, after an injury, or after a loved one is killed in a workplace incident, you need to inform the relevant supervisor of the accident as soon as possible.

Second, the injured person must provide notice to the employer, in writing, within 30 days of the accident. That written report will trigger the employer to provide medical treatment.

Finally, the injured person, or the family of a person killed in an incident, must file a so-called LS-203 form. This form is the Department of Labor’s claim form for compensation. On that form, you are able to give the details of your injury. The form should be filed with the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, and it should be filed within one year of the accident.

7 Tips For Filing a Defense Base Act Claim

In the “zone of danger,” you can still receive Defense Base Act compensation even if you were not actually working at the time you were injured. Unlike other workers’ compensation plans, the Defense Base Act does not necessarily require that a person is working at the time of the injury in order to receive benefits. The Act acknowledges that civilians on military bases, particularly in war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, are in constant danger. Accordingly, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you were injured during off-duty hours.

Inform your supervisor immediately, and get it in writing. Immediately after an injury, you should notify your supervisor. Yet, also be sure to send an email to your supervisor. That is helpful because, later on, you will likely need proof as to whether, and when, you notified your employer.

Keep track of all of your income, including bonuses. The compensation you receive through the Defense Base Act is calculated based upon your pre-injury wages. If you fail to report all of the income you earned on the job, then you are short-changing yourself of the compensation you deserve. Accordingly, keep track of all income, from any source, like bonuses.

Go to the doctor you choose, not the insurance company’s doctor. Upon filing a claim, the insurance company will likely recommend a physician. While that is helpful on the insurance company’s part, the Defense Base Act allows you to use your own physician. So, go to the best doctor you can find close to where you live.

Be diligent in gathering evidence to support your claim. The better you can support what happened in the incident, and the extent of your injuries, the better your compensation will be. With that in mind, do not forget to make a list of witnesses to the accident, with their contact information. Be sure to keep a diary of all the medical treatment you receive overseas. Also, try to get all medical records (including x-rays, MRI images, etc.) from all overseas medical providers.

Be honest about your injury. Do not take the risk that your claim will be denied by exaggerating your injury to your doctor or to the insurance company. Having a pre-existing condition prior to the injury does not mean that you will not get compensation. Under the Defense Base Act, insurance will still cover injuries that worsen a previous injury.
Finally, get a lawyer. The best thing you can do to file an effective Defense Base Act claim is to contact a seasoned Defense Base Act attorney.

Doolittle & Tucker should be your go-to Defense Base Act attorneys. In Florida, we are the Defense Base Act experts, and our representation is no cost to you unless we obtain compensation for you. So, call for a free case review with one of our attorneys who specialize in Defense Base Act cases. You can contact us today by calling 904.396.1734.

We have certainly become Defense Base Act specialists because we “practice, practice, practice” every day. Accordingly, we will be in your corner to cut through the challenging Defense Base Act “process, process, process.”

Mr. Zachary G. Tucker
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Why Should I Hire You For My Defense Base Act (DBA) Claim?

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East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) 2019 | Day one done best yet to come

PLUS Dueling Piano Bar

Closing Party at PLUS Dueling Piano Bar

Game Tournaments and Prizes

Game Tournaments and Prizes

Keynote today


East Coast Game Conference kicks off with a grand first day! Still time to come learn and play at ECGC 2019

What’s great about ECGC 2019 is that it has such great energy!”

— Evy (Girls in Gaming/Simbryo)

RALEIGH, NC, US, April 17, 2019 / — We are excited that ECGC is finally here! Yesterday was an awesome first day of the conference. The day kicked off with Summits on Education, Game Narrative and Indie development in the morning, and ended with the ECGC 2019 Kick-Off Party sponsored by Red-storm. So many great events this year including the CGS Game Tournaments with games including: Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fortnite, League of Legends, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more today.

We heard some awesome comments from attendees and game developers. Augusto (ECGC attendee) said that he was “So glad to see how much ECGC has grown!” Not only do people think that ECGC has grown in size, but also in excitement. Evy (Girls in Gaming/Simbryo) says “What’s great about ECGC 2019 is that it has such great energy!” This is evident if you attended ECGC.

ECGC 2019’s atmosphere is exciting, but what is equally exciting is the opportunity. Mattew Taylor and James Tillman (Catch & Release) seek to spread the word on their upcoming projects and tell us that “It is incredible to have showcased at ECGC.” The inspiring Alex Shepard (Pixel Cast) tells those beginning the pursuit of their passions to simply “Start making.”

Today WARREN ROBINETT will give the keynote: FROM ATARI TO VIRTUAL REALITY, the career lounge will be open to give critiques from professionals (a priceless opportunity), speakers from around the world will empower their knowledge to attendees along with more game tournaments and prizes – so much fun yet to be had.

Thursday the fun will continue all day culminating with the ECGC closing party and Indie Game Awards (see who wins and goes on to Indie Prize, London) starting at 6pm at PLUS Dueling Piano Bar. Come early for free food and no cover with your ECGC badge, thanks to our friends at PLUS Dueling Piano Bar and GameScribes. This is going to be a grand finally to a great ECGC 2019.

Walter Rotenberry
Triangle Game Initiative
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Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Raises Over $1000 for Wounded Warrior Project

BBJJ "Kickboxing for a Cause" Event

Students and Staff at Brooklyn BJJ’s “Kickboxing for a Cause” Event

Brooklyn’s premier network of collaborative, inclusive martial arts schools packed the house at a charity event to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Maintaining its long-standing tradition of local and national charity support, Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Brooklyn’s premier network of collaborative martial arts schools, brought students and instructors together to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Wounded Warrior Project helps veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness or wound to transition to civilian life. More than 52,000 servicemen and women have been physically injured in recent military conflicts. Half a million live with everything from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder, and over 300,000 experience debilitating brain trauma. While medical technology has helped, they often find themselves with lives that have been profoundly altered, and can use support readjusting to their lives outside the military.

Inspired by a number of their students both actively serving in the military and retired, Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu created the “Kickboxing for a Cause” event at their Bensonhurst school. Fueled by mission of growth and self-improvement, and supported by a thriving community of men and women from the Brooklyn area, the class was jam-packed. Participants kicked, punched and sweated to raise over $1100 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

“Over the years we’ve had dozens and dozens of students who’ve served in all branches of the military,” says Shihan Gene Dunn. “In the past, we have hosted groups for self-defense training and PT from Fort Hamilton army base, just down the road from us. But this was a way for us to contribute on a larger level. ”

Sensei Daniel Declet says, “Our work is about teaching people ways to live healthier lives, mentally, physically and emotionally, and WWP is fulfilling a likeminded mission.” It’s a natural fit, Declet continues, because mental and emotional fitness is at the forefront of BBJJ’s mission. The Brooklyn martial arts schools focus on the health and well-being of adults and children in five neighborhoods – Bensonhurst, Cobble Hill, Clinton Hill, Dyker Heights and Gravesend. But its charity work extends beyond those neighborhoods.

“We believe in serving our communities by fostering awareness and gratitude alongside the physical martial arts training we do. We want to raise the standards of health and fitness for our students, but also to encourage them to share that with the world at large,” says Declet. “The Wounded Warrior Project links right to that notion of commitment, giving and support. We were glad to be able to raise these funds and to bring greater awareness to the returning veterans who need assistance.”

+1 347-312-3174
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Daniel Declet
Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
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4 types of Biblical deaths according to HOLY LAND MAN

HOLY LAND MAN is Don Karl Juravin


HOLY LAND MAN (Don Karl Juravin) researched the Bible in Hebrew to debate: What is death? Is there hell and heaven?

The study in the Hebrew Bible (original language) didn't find "hell" or "heaven" per the common belief. HOLY LAND MAN could not also find in the Bible a definite answer: is there life after death?”


ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Funerals can give us some of the most sobering moments of our lives, the purpose, meaning, and brevity of human existence coming out of the shadows and drawing into sharp focus. It’s only then, for a brief open-casket viewing, that we see our frailty and that our myopic tendencies are exposed for what they are: petty and trivial.

Could our refusal to talk about death actually be unbelief – doubting that heaven holds a better life for us than this one? Or is it simply a matter of an attention deficit – being captivated by motion and distracted by shiny objects that herd our thoughts toward temporary, fleeting, vanishing things?


> Heaven isn’t now. Somewhere in the world, between twenty-five and thirty wars are being fought right now. Enough said.

> Heaven isn’t for everyone. Some people won’t be there. I know that sounds harsh and exclusive, but it’s the truth. We’ll get to this later.

> Heaven isn’t cute and ethereal. I’m not judging you if you have Precious Moments figurines on your bookshelf or mantle; I’m just saying heaven will not look like those. Nor will heaven look like what we see in cartoons or movies, where we float on clouds and God is Morgan Freeman.

> Heaven isn’t a state of mind or a mindless state. In some forms of Eastern thought, people aspire to be liberated from cravings, anger, and afflictive states. Nirvana is where there is nothing and where nothing is grasped. However, heaven is not nirvana.


> Hell isn’t funny. Gary Larson’s Far Side comics are often hilarious, but what he depicts about heaven, and especially about hell, are just plain wrong. No one will ever laugh in hell.

> Hell isn’t a bearable annoyance. Often we are led to think that hell is just a bad hair day stretched out for a long time. Or something like this crosses our mind: My life is hell. Life can be difficult, but this life is not what the Bible describes as hell.

> Hell isn’t just for Hitler and those Columbine shooters and maybe a few more. Lost Springs, Wyoming, boasts a population of one. Jesus clearly indicated a population for hell that’s much greater than that of Lost Springs: “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” (Matthew 7:13, NIV).

Death means “separation.” What happens when a person dies? Now technically, the scriptures speak of at least four kinds of death in relation to one's spirit, soul and body:

1. SPIRITUAL DEATH (Isa.59:2; Eph. 2:1)

This death is the SEPARATION of man from God because of sin. Briefly explain the fall of Adam (Gen. 2:16-17). One can be alive physically but dead spiritually (Matt. 8:22; I Tim. 5:6). A lost person may have a live body, live soul, but dead spirit! The good news is that a sinner can still escape spiritual death and be spiritually resurrected (Eph. 2:5). A man has a lifetime of opportunity to escape spiritual death.

2. PHYSICAL DEATH (Jas. 2:26; Gen. 35:18)

This death is the SEPARATION of the INWARD man from OUTWARD man (cf. Eph. 3:16; II Cor. 4:16). There is no escape from physical death except at the Rapture! But barring the Rapture in our lifetime, we will all die and there is no escape in spite of the amazing advancements by technology, science, and medicine. Our BODY of flesh is the outward man that dies, corrupts and returns to dust (Job 34:15). On the other hand, the SOUL is the inward man that is immortal and incorruptible. The BODY may be dead but the SOUL is alive forevermore in heaven (II Cor.5:8) or hell (Luke 16:23). No soul sleep but body sleep instead!

One may be dead physically but that is not the end of everything (Heb. 9:27). The Bible teaches that the SOUL is ever alive and conscious even when the BODY is dead! We get a foretaste of physical death when we sleep and dream!

3. ETERNAL DEATH (Luke 16:19-21; Ezek. 18:4)

This is the SEPARATION of the SOUL from the BODY and SPIRIT to be cast into hell. When the BODY dies, it returns to dust and the SPIRIT returns to God who gave it (Eccl. 12:7). When the body dies, there is no more second chance of salvation for then the SOUL is lost and condemned forever and ever. It will be separated from God ETERNALLY! Unlike spiritual death, eternal death is irreversible!

4. SECOND or FINAL DEATH (Rev. 20:15; 21:8)

This will take place AFTER the Millennium at the Great White Throne Judgment. Contrary to popular belief, the Last Judgment does not occur at the Second Coming of Christ but only after His literal 1000-year earthly reign (Rev. 20:5-6). (Summarize passage). At the Last Judgment, the dead will be physically resurrected which means that their bodies will again re-unite with their souls to face God – the Judge and give an account. The sea, the grave, death, and hell itself will give up ALL the bodies and souls in them to be judged.

Notice that this second death is the casting of both BODY and SOUL into the Lake of Fire (Matt. 10:28). The Bible teaches TWO hells – one below the earth which is temporary (Matt. 12:40; Acts 2:27, 31) and the other above the earth which is everlasting – the Lake of Fire which was prepared for the devil and His angels (Matt. 25:41). Hell itself will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:14) along with those who will perish after the Last Judgment.

The final death results in the casting into the Lake of Fire of all the “rubbish of the universe” – Satan and his unholy angels, death, hell, sin, and sadly, all who died without repenting of their sins and rejected Christ as Lord & Saviour!

Conclusion: The Lake of Fire in its final state will be thick darkness (Jude 13), unquenchable fire, torment, suffering, plus worms (Mark 9:44-48). Friend, life is short, death is sure, sin is a curse but Christ is the hope and cure (John 11:25). Do you have 100% assurance of salvation in Christ?


The Bible compares death to sleep more than fifty times. After death we are asleep, we are unconscious; we are not aware of the passing of time or of what is going on around us. That is what death is like as well. The Bible says, “for the living know that they will die; but the dead know nothing… their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished” (Ecclesiastes 9:5, NKJV, see also Psalm 146:4; 115:17).

It makes sense that after Lazarus was raised from the dead, he doesn’t share what he saw or experienced. He didn’t have anything to tell, except that once he was dead, and now he is alive! He didn’t experience hell or heaven. He was simply “sleeping” in his tomb. Peter on the Day of Pentecost said the same of King David. “Men and brethren, let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his tomb is with us to this day…For David did not ascend into the heavens…"(Acts 2:29, 34).


Many Christians think of the soul as an immortal entity within us that goes on living after death. What does the Bible say? Describing the creation of human beings in the beginning, the Bible says, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7, KJV). Other Bible translations say, “. . . and man became a living being” (NKJV; NIV). God did not put a soul into man.

He formed the body from the dust of the ground, and then He breathed His life-giving spirit into the lifeless body—and the result was a soul or a living being. When a person dies, the reverse takes place. The breath of life departs from the body, and the soul no longer exists. That’s what the Bible says. “The dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it” (Ecclesiastes 12:7, NIV). At the resurrection, God reunites the body and His life-giving spirit—and the person lives again.

If souls existed as separate entities that lived on after we died, that would mean we have immortality. However, the Bible says human beings do not have immortality. Only God is immortal (see 1 Timothy 6:15, 16). Paul says that the righteous “seek for glory, honor, and immortality” (Romans 2:7). If we had immortal souls, why would the righteous seek after something they already have?


Maybe simply defined as the termination of life. It is represented under a variety of aspects in Scripture:

> "The dust shall return to the earth as it was" (Eccl 12:7).

> "Thou takest away their breath, they die" (Psalms 104:29).

> It is the dissolution of "our earthly house of this tabernacle" (2Corinthians 5:1); the "putting off this tabernacle" (2 Peter 1:132 Peter 1:14).

> Being "unclothed" (2 Corinthians 5:3 2 Corinthians 5:4).

> "Falling on sleep" (Psalms 76:5 ; Jeremiah 51:39 ; Acts 13:36 ; 2 Pet 3:9)

> "I go whence I shall not return" (Job 10:21); "Make me to know mine end" (Psalms 39:4); "to depart" (Phil 1:23).

> The grave is represented as "the gates of death" (Job 38:17 ; Psalms 9:13 ; 107:18). The gloomy silence of the grave is spoken of under the figure of the "shadow of death" (Jeremiah 2:6 ). Death is the effect of sin (Hebrews 2:14), and not a "debt of nature." It is but once (9:27), universal (Genesis 3:19), necessary (Luke 2:28-30). Jesus has by his own death taken away its sting for all his followers (1 Corinthians 15:55-57).

> There is spiritual death in trespasses and sins, i.e., the death of the soul under the power of sin ( Romans 8:6 ; Ephesians 2:1Ephesians 2:3 ; Colossians 2:13 ).

> The "second death" (Revelation 2:11) is the everlasting perdition of the wicked (Revelation 21:8), and "second" in respect to natural or temporal death.

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God has three answers for us

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USAF Selects UEI for UH-1N HUMS Upgrade

UEI-HUMS1 Health Usage & Monitoring System

UEI-HUMS1 Health Usage & Monitoring System

The UEI UEI-HUMS1 in-flight health monitoring system has been released for production delivery to Tyonek Global Services, and installation onto USAF aircraft.

The UEI system offers these enhanced capabilities while reducing material costs and increasing the ease of integration.”

— Andy Gignilliat, Tyonek Services Group, Inc.

WALPOLE, MA, USA, April 16, 2019 / — United Electronic Industries (UEI) today announced the UEI-HUMS1 in-flight health monitoring system has been released for production delivery to Tyonek Global Services, and subsequent installation onto USAF aircraft. The unit recently passed DO-160 certification as required by the USAF for deployment on the Bell UH-1N Huey helicopter. In addition to the DO-160 tests, the system has already passed the requisite MIL-STD-810 testing for use on the aircraft.

The UEI-HUMS1 is a modified version of UEI’s popular DNR-MIL data acquisition chassis. The UEI-HUMS1 solution simplifies life cycle management and increases reliability by providing a single LRU replacing two separate LRUs of the previous design. The I/O provided in the UEI-HUMS1 includes dozens of Analog, Digital, Synchro/Resolver, Speed/Rotation and ARINC-429 interfaces which monitor critical aircraft systems including engine, transmission, flight control positions, fuel and hydraulic systems and more.

“We are excited that our UEI-HUMS1 monitoring system has passed DO-160 and will be going onto the UH-1N helicopters,” said Shaun Miller, President of United Electronic Industries. “The UEI-HUMS1 joins our rapidly growing family of COTS measurement and control equipment being deployed by our DoD customers. The technology in our “MIL” series of products is designed to meet all the rigorous requirements of deployed military applications including DO-160, and MIL-SPEC 810, 461, 704 and 1275. Completion of this testing confirms the proven reliability of UEI products.”

“UEI’s data aggregation system enables us to deliver a system design for the U.S. Air Force with superior data accuracy and processing power. The ability to customize the UEI component allows us to effectively match the signal processing and size constraints to the program’s requirements,” said Andy Gignilliat, Senior Aviation Program Manager, Tyonek Services Group, Inc. “The UEI system offers these enhanced capabilities while reducing material costs and increasing the ease of integration.”

The UEI-HUMS1 will become a COTS chassis and join UEI’s other military solutions with the company’s revolutionary 10-year availability guarantee and 5-year warranty. UEI optimizes the size, weight and power at the best cost.

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About United Electronic Industries, Inc
UEI’s family of rugged chassis and extensive selection of over 85 I/O boards dominates the simulation, test and data acquisition markets in aerospace, defense, industrial and transportation applications. UEI’s customers include tier 1 aerospace, defense, space and industrial companies, and all branches of the military. UEI’s world class customer support and service enable rapid customer deployment and seamless integration into virtually any popular software environment including LabVIEW, Simulink/MATLAB, .NET, Java as well as C/C++. UEI headquarters is located at 27 Renmar Avenue, Walpole, MA 02081. Additional UEI offices located at Neuer Wall 50, 20354 Kaufmannshaus, Hamburg DE and Milton Hall, Ely Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6WZ, UK.

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Local Real Estate Agent Mission TX Gets Best Mission TX Real Estate Agents in Texas – Diaz Mission TX Real Estate Agents

Daniel Diaz Certificate of Excellence Mission TX

Daniel Diaz Certificate of Excellence Mission TX

Daniel Diaz Local Real Estate Agent Mission TX

Daniel Diaz Local Real Estate Agent Mission TX

Mission Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Mission Texas Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents Mission Texas

Best Real Estate Agents Mission Texas

Top Local Real Estate Agent Mission TX

Top Local Real Estate Agent Mission TX

Best Local Realtor Mission TX Is Best Local Real Estate Agents Texas – Diaz Mission TX Real Estate Agents Near Me Assist Mission TX Saying Sell My Home Quickly.

Being a top real estate agent in Mission TX, my specialty is helping families how to find local Mission TX real estate agents near me in Mission TX to most efficiently market their Mission TX homes.”

— Real Estate Agents Mission TX – Daniel Diaz Real Estate Agency

MISSION, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2019 / — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has bestowed upon Daniel Diaz, a real estate agent in Mission Texas, its famed Certificate of Excellence for topmost accomplishment in the real estate homeowner service business in America.

A local realtor can either be a purchaser agent or a seller agent or listing representative, depending on the client requirement. Although a solitary agent could list property for sale as well as work with buyers, each duty will be a little varied. To comprehend why you need a local realtor and what your agent should provide for you, let us take a look at each agent kind.

Talk to several real estate agents. Pay attention to whether the realtor is listening carefully to what you say and also recognizes your requirements.

Your local realtor is an outright asset when it involves investigating available homes up for sale. Your realtor should have geographical knowledge as well as area experience, along with college info and other expert information. Your real estate agent will likewise have a network of relevant specialists to aid you in completing your real estate deal, consisting of home loan providers, title firms as well as examiners. When you prepare to make an offer on a home, your local real estate agent will generate the documentation to present to the seller as well as will certainly bargain on your behalf till you are either pleased with the conditions of the transaction or are ready to pass and look elsewhere.

When you prepare to offer your house, discovering a listing agent is the initial step towards success. Your listing representative will certainly review the marketplace as well as assist you to value your home as necessary. Your top local real estate agent will also have ideas for boosting the outside and inside of your house to make it a lot more attractive as well as ready to sale.

Hiring a knowledgeable real estate agent to help offer a residence will certainly be the best investment ever made. A real estate agent with expertise and also experience in the profession will be able to enhance your bottom line on a home sale.

Daniel Diaz has become recognized as a seller agent in a career among top local real estate agents in Mission TX and should be able to contribute valuable knowledge and tips in this regard.

While advertising and selling your property, your real estate professional will accentuate the favorable elements of your home or business as well as minimize its drawbacks. A top real estate agent will ceaselessly show your house and also stay in continuous interaction with you. When an offer is made on your house, your local real estate professional will supply seasoned guidance on whether to take the offer, send a counter-offer or reject the deal totally.

Although some property owners do put their houses on the marketplace available for sale by owner, paying the connected commissions to have a professional real estate professional to handle your sale makes a lot of logic in today's open market.

Give a realtor the chance to enlighten you. A great broker should explain the purchasing or selling process before revealing residential properties or reviewing a specific purchase. It is recommended to have a great idea of exactly what you anticipate from a real estate agent and also communicate those assumptions.

As you could see, the duty of a buyer representative and a property agent are clearly different, yet their paths intersect with each real estate purchase. Whether you are buying or selling, a top real estate agent will be your representative throughout.

As a leading listing agent in the career of the best Mission TX real estate agents, Daniel Diaz is active in the city as well and keeps knowledgeable about regional trends which are valuable in appraising the marketplace.

A skilled real estate agent might have much more insight, however a more recent realtor may have cutting-edge sophisticated advertising and marketing concepts, and more enthusiasm and also time which can result in getting your home offered more quickly.

As you begin the procedure of marketing your property, you are confronted with many inquiries. Exactly what is the best price? What should be done concerning advertising of my home? How do I see to it I'm taking care of certified purchasers? What should I do about the closing? The solutions of a qualified real estate agent professional are of the greatest worth in answering these inquiries.

Exactly what info is most crucial when marketing a house? A seller should find out what the state calls for in addition to just what the lender calls for when it involves residence sales deals. A seller additionally needs to be aware of the duration for all transactions. If the time frame is not abided by, the contract can come to be null.

A top real estate agent has a strong understanding of the regional real estate market, a high requirement of client service and also the support of a solid local business. Most notably, a good agent saves you cash, time and also aggravation. Real estate agents recognize the worth of property in your area. They must have the ability to show to you residential properties similar to your own that will help to set a reasonable and also competitive cost on your home. They could contrast current residences available for sale as well as recently sold houses. Price variables include age of the house, number of bed rooms and bathrooms as well as pool, garage kind, remodeling and also other features. A realtor could assess the reasonable market price and also assist to set an agreeable asking price.

Getting exclusive real estate leads are a new opportunity because exclusive internet leads can help leading real estate agents list new clients, both luxury home owners and luxury home buyers. The referral fee may be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no initial cost for the agent. This uncommon program is now considered as the best favored way to get the best real estate leads so long as the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to several agents, (3) focused on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) dedicated to seller listing referrals, but not focused on buyer leads, and (5) promotes the real estate agent name rather than the referring service name to (6) build the brand name of the agent which (7) provides long term value and recognition for the real estate agent. The “real estate agent” can then become the household name rather than the “referring service” becoming the well-known name. These exclusive real estate agent leads are determined to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by top real estate agents.

Any of you that are thinking of marketing your residence could be thinking about the possibility of doing it on your own, without the aid of a local real estate agent. You are thinking you can conserve some money by doing it by this means. You might save some money, however is it actually worth the risk? Your residence would not get the required exposure to the large selection of potential customers that are around, locally and nationally, to get the best sales price. You are just promoting primarily to those who drive by your street or by word of mouth.

Bear in mind that the realtor is not paid unless your home is sold. The commission depends upon the realtor carrying out an effective marketing approach. Time is restricted so agents make sure to bring high quality customers to your residence. Lots of real estate agents prequalify clients with a mortgage company before revealing to them a home. This is twice as advantageous. The customers are serious.

Seek a real estate broker organization that will certainly be your advocate. Discover somebody you can depend on, who will offer you the facts, as well as aid you to make intelligent, educated choices and also collaborate with you throughout the whole procedure.

Doesn't working with a lawyer take care of agreements? If you believe a lawyer writing up an agreement is totally free and also without fears and also duties, you're wrong. The lawyer does not have the time to remain on top of this to make sure everything required is done on the residence prior to closing. If you do desire the attorney to handle the details, you'll pay a legal representative’s charge, which is typically costly.

The best realtors in Mission Texas are favored to host a top local real estate agent like Daniel Diaz in their community who decidedly contributes an eminent grade of expertise to the real estate industry in Mission TX.

Just say you determined to sell your property on your own and also you did locate a person that is interested and also is now all set to get your property. You are possibly not familiar with all of your legal rights when it comes to working out as well as finalizing the offer. A top real estate agent understands all the called for files that you will certainly need to guarantee your sale goes efficiently. For instance all the disclosures that are required to be signed and all the legally binding agreements that the parties must complete for a contract.

Considering offering your residence on your own, without the aid as well as expert guidance of a certified real estate agent? You could want to re-examine your thought to do so, due to the fact that chances are good that you will not enhance your bottomline by selling your residence. Do you possibly think your savings on commission will be your benefit after you go to a seminar on offering your own residence?

A home sale is a complicated collection of transactions with multiple participants. Not just is it time-consuming, appointments and also coordination with experts at every degree is required. Attendance at a seminar does not make you an expert on house marketing. Average people will purchase only 2-3 homes in a lifetime, unless they are residential property investors. A leading successful real estate broker will have 5-10 transactions each month. A real estate agent with understanding and also experience in the career will have the ability to enhance your profit on a home sale.

Realty is a challenging business, specifically when you are buying. Getting a residential property is a very important choice, so when seeking a top real estate agent, you ought to be extremely cautious regarding whom you will certainly be working with. Inspect the testimonials for your real estate agent. Locate someone with excellent testimonials, as well as do your own study in advance.

When a homeowner in Mission Texas is thinking of the idea of “sell my house quickly,” one might contact a remarkable local real estate agent professional such as Daniel Diaz Real Estate Agent Mission TX, (956) 766-4563. Why should a property owner take a risk when wanting to get the best profit for a residence in Mission Texas within a reasonable period of time?

Real Estate Agents Mission TX – Daniel Diaz
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Best Real Estate Agent in Mission TX

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