Active military personnel - JURAVIN RESEARCH comparing 230 countries

Active military personnel – JURAVIN RESEARCH comparing 230 countries

Active military personnel in 230 countries  - Don Juravin reviews

Active military personnel in 230 countries – Don Juravin reviews

6 active military personnel per 1,000 civilians. For "Qualified civilians" the ratio is 1 active soldier to 55 qualified civilians = 1.8% says Don Juravin

My research found that there are more soldiers in the world than most people realize. Yet, they contribute to society more than you think with pride and discipline. Soldiers acquire life professions.”

— Don Juravin

MONTVERDE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — "Qualified civilians" excludes under/over age, females, and disabled

JURAVIN RESEARCH (Orlando, Florida, USA) conducted an extensive (latest, 2019) study comparing 230 countries investment in active military personnel. The research focused on the USA Vs Euro-top Vs. Israel. While many want to see "less military" expenditure, the military is every country's pride and example for discipline and character building, for individuals and its society.

What is the rate of soldiers to civilians in the world?
Juravin answers that it is 6 active military personnel per 1,000 civilians. When considering only "Qualified civilians" (excludes under/over age, females, and disabled) the ratio is 1 active soldier to 55 qualified civilians, which is 1.8%.


The world population is estimated at 7.7 billion.
> 26% is under 15 years of age (1,950,000,000 people).
> 9% is over 64 years of age (675,000,000 people).
> 50% of the world's population assumed to be men (male).
> 50% of the world's population assumed to be women (female).
> 2.4 billion are therefore eligible for service, according to Juravin's math.
> 20.5 million soldiers are in the world.
> For every 55 people in the world, there is 1 active soldier.

The news channels constantly report that the armies and military forces around the world are placing more and more emphasis on modern progress in technological warfare. Manpower is not worth investing in as much as in the past.


The USA maintains its higher military superiority with only 69% of the world's average (4.2 compared to 6.1). Juravin reviewed and found the U.S. military is the strongest in the world. The military is a tool for many seek to "find themselves". For many Americans, the military offers job security, free education, and good benefits. In America, men eligible for the service create 6% of the population. The United States also has a larger population than Euro-top and Israel.

> Honor and family are also prime motivators for Americans to join the Army. According to a recruiter, many people join the military because they have a family member who is actively serving or who have served. JURAVIN discovered that typically people from the States who serve come from a middle-class or upper-middle-class background. Many Americans actually genuinely want to serve their country, as well. But this plays in with many other factors.

> Merely 1.3% out of the eligible population serve in America. The military offers many positive things to the lives of those that serve and the lives of citizens. The military brings order and discipline into society. It gives teenagers and young men a chance at something other than crime and drugs. It makes their lives better. The expense it takes to keep up with the military is worth it to that 1.3%, and it should be worth it to the United States as citizens.

> However, many in the military come out with terrible PTSD. It is difficult for veterans to get good jobs after they serve, as analyzed by JURAVIN. Veterans that come back from active combat with wounds or missing limbs often struggle to readjust and heal. VA benefits were harder to use for some people, and some veterans’ hospitals are open to abuses and scams.


Europe has a low 2.7 ratio per 1,000 citizens, which is only 44% of the world's average.

> In Germany, the common complaint is, “No one wants to join the army.” The private sector and law enforcement offer competitive rates and benefits compared to the army in Germany. The German army is also poorly equipped and is composed of mostly women. The German army has several vacant positions, into the thousands. Yet even with its low numbers, the German military still ranks number 10 on the list of the most powerful armies.

> The French army has re-organized several times, the latest time in 2016. So while not many French citizens are in the army, the French are still sorting out their hierarchical structure. France is the fifth most powerful army in the world.

> The Italian army is reformed almost as many times as the French army and was most recently restructured in 2013. JURAVIN thinks that the issue with the Italian army is that it does not have enough funds to sustain itself, so it frequently must make cuts.


Israel defends itself with a high of 21.3 soldiers per 1,000 citizens which is 8 times more than Euro-top active military personnel and 3.5 times more than the world's average.
Israel has a mandatory military draft of 3 years for men and 2 years for women during which time the military invests to teach them a profession. It's known to be a "social melting pot".

> Israel has a very well-maintained army reserve and highly trained intelligence in order to survive. Don Juravin, who served in the Israeli army, determined that it also has one of the world’s most advanced missile networks.

> In absolute numbers, Israel has the smallest military personnel: only 32% of Euro-top and only 13% of the US.


per 1,000 capita | lower is preferred | 2018 report (updated 2019)

World Lowest (best) Active Military Personnel (per 1,000 capita)

> 0.00 Costa Rica, Haiti, Iceland, Libya, Mauritius, Panama (non participants).
> 2.67 (research winner) Euro-top.
> 2.20 Germany.
> 3.00 France.
> 2.80 Italy.
> 4.20 USA.
> 21.30 Israel.


*"Europe-top" refers to Germany, France, and Italy

WINNER: Euro-top

> World's average: 6.03 active military personnel per 1,000 civilians
> World's average: 2 active military personnel per 110 qualified civilians
> Euro-top's active military is 2.26 times smaller than the world average
> Euro-top's active military is 1.58 times smaller than the USA
> Euro-top's active military is 8 times smaller than Israel


> Israel: 176,500 active military personnel (32% of Euro-top and 13% of the US)
> Euro-top: 555,800 active military personnel (41% of the US)
> USA: 1,348,400 active military personnel (2.4 times more than Euro-top)


Research by: Don Karl Juravin ( ♥️ USA)



Author Contributor

Don Juravin
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Israel military personnel benefit from their military experience

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PCX, Inc. announced and welcomed Tammy Fortune as the new Marketing Manager in charge of leading the online marketing ventures and branding of PCX, Inc.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tammy comes to PCX, Inc. with 20 + years of experience in Sales and Marketing. The majority of her career was with Fortune 500 Company Fidelity National Title as one of their top producing National Sales Representatives. Fortune changed her focus in 2012 when she found a passion for managing the Digital Marketing for small and medium-size business’ growing their Social Media presence and increasing their revenues significantly.

The CEO and Founder of PCX, Gilles Aouizerat, announced “We are thrilled to have Tammy join the PCX team as Marketing Manager. She brings a rare combination of work ethic, intelligence, insight, and positivity to the task of letting the world know about all the great things that PCX does for its clients, suppliers, and most importantly, its team. We are looking forward to her contribution with great anticipation.”

“We are very excited about Tammy coming on to fill the Marketing Manager role and the results that will provide the organization,” said Sara Burrell, VP of Sales.

Tammy will be handling all Digital Marketing, online sales promotion, trade shows, and branding for the Company.

Tammy Fortune can be reached at Tammy@pcxco.com or directly at 714-677-1285.

PCX Inc. is a DSCC authorized supplier of monolithic integrated circuits and other critical components, with an Alternative Release Program letter from DCMA, AS9120 certified, ISO9001 certified, and ESD ANSI S20.20 certified company. PCX Inc. was a founding member and is on the board of the IDEA (www.idofea.org), ERAI member, NEDA member, CCAP member. Clients come to PCX when they are annoyed they can’t find a high-reliability distribution partner, are frustrated by long lead times, concerned about shortages, upset with poor vendor communications and angry with vendors with low integrity and truly want to address those issues.

Commercial and military markets who is also a member of the Electronic Components Industry
Association (www.ECIAnow.org) as well as a founding member and treasurer of the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (http://www.pcxco.com/idea_certificate).
NOTE: PCX, Inc. is also certified in the following;
AS9120B http://www.pcxco.com/AS_9120
ISO 9001:2015 http://www.pcxco.com/ISO_9001
ESD/ANSID-S20.20-2014 http://www.pcxco.com/ESD
As well as our world renowned 67 Step Star Quality Programhttp://www.pcxco.com/star_quality_program video.

Tammy Fortune
PCX, Inc
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Draken International announced as latest organisation to join Close Air Support 2019 speaker line-up

Close Air Support Conference 2019

Close Air Support Conference 2019

SMi Reports: With less than 2 weeks to go until Close Air Support 2019, SMi welcomes its latest speaker, Mark Bate, Principle Consultant, Draken International

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 5th Annual Close Air Support conference returns to London on 5th-6th June with an international host of senior military and industry experts. Attendees will hear them present and deliberate on the latest technological developments in the CAS domain, as well as recent advancements made in the field that aim to enhance combat effectiveness whilst increasing connectivity.

With less than two weeks to go, SMi are delighted to welcome Mark Bate, Principle Consultant, Draken International as the latest conference speaker to join the line-up. Mark’s presentation ‘Draken – Overview and CAS Delivery’ will focus on Combat Air Force Contracted Close Air Support (CAF AS) and USN/USMC Terminal Attack Controlled Training (TACT) as well as issues covering airworthiness certification and weapons release.

This year’s two-day event will feature a diverse agenda of in-depth presentations from leading military nations such as the UK, US, NATO and France, as well as expert industry leaders. Keynote presentations and speakers for 2019 include:

• Close Air Support – Past, Present and Future, a Foundational View presented by Major General David P San Clemente, Air National Guard Assistant to the Commanding General, US Air Force
• Assessing the Joint Air/Land Command and Control System presented by Squadron Leader Richard May, SO2 Air – 1st Artillery Brigade, UK ASOS, Royal Air Force
• Training French Air Support Specialists in 2019 presented by Lieutenant Colonel Vivien Beral, Commander French-Ground Air Ground Operations School, French Air Force
• Discussing the Role of the 255 TACP Battery RA in Providing Trained TACPs and JTACs to Regular British Army Units presented by Major Dave Merrick, Executive Officer, 255 TACP Battery, British Army

The event brochure is available to download online at www.closeair-support.com/ein

Highlights of the 2019 conference include: gaining updates on strategic partners’ respective CAS programmes and the work of leading industry OEMs, deliberating key requirements for targeting, processing, and the delivery of CAS, as well as networking with and building co-operation between strategic partners.

An early bird saving of £100 is available to bookings placed before 31st May 2019. Register online at www.closeair-support.com/ein

Proudly Sponsored by Teleplan Globe

Close Air Support
5th-6th June 2019
Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

For delegate enquiries, please contact Damien Howard on +44 (0) 207 827 6736 or dhoward@smi-online.co.uk

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact Sadia Malick on +44 (0) 207 827 6748 or smalick@smi-online.co.uk

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion.

Maria Mandic
SMi Group
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The Wall That Heals

American Flag

American Flag


Faith Bible

Faith Bible and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1071 hosts The Wall That Heals outside in Faith Bible’s open field on its West Campus at 6250 Wright St

We are honored to host The Wall That Heals. God has provided an opportunity to shed light on those that have fought for our freedom and educate the generations of today.”

— Doug Newcomb – Faith Bible Chapel

ARVADA, COLORADO, USA, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Faith Bible Chapel and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1071 host "The Wall That Heals" outside in Faith Bible Chapel’s open field on its West Campus at 6250 Wright St., Arvada. The wall will be open 24 hours a day from the evening of Wed., June 19, through Sun., June 23.

This three-quarters replica of the original Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., is a powerful educational opportunity for students, veterans and our community as a whole.

The names of more than 58,000 service members who died in the Vietnam War are inscribed on the wall. Lit by LED lights, the wall can be experienced 24 hours a day. Name rubbings can also be etched with pencil as keepsakes for friends and family. The Wall that Heals, a project of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, has visited close to 600 cities across America. It’s 375 feet in length and is comprised of 140 numbered panels. It stands 7.5 feet high at its tallest point. The 53-foot trailer that transports The Wall That Heals transforms to become a mobile education center once the wall is set up. The exterior of the trailer features a timeline of the Vietnam War. In addition, digital displays show pictures of local heroes who are featured on the wall. Many volunteers set up and take down the wall while other volunteers are available to counsel visitors who need it.

The Wall That Heals exhibit features a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The replica is 375 feet in length and stands 7.5 feet high at its tallest point. Visitors experience The Wall rising above them as they walk towards the apex, a key feature of the design of The Wall in D.C.

For more info on the wall, visit www.thewallthatheals.org.
Faith Bible Chapel is a Christ-centered church led by Pastor Jason King. Its mission is to help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference in the world. Faith is located at 6250 Wright St., Arvada, on the northwest corner of 62nd Avenue and Ward Road. For more information, visit www.faith.church or call 303.424.2121.

Matt Widdifield
Faith Christian
+1 303-424-2121
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Powerfully Moving Healing Field® Flag Display Honors Brave 1st Responders at West Valley Centennial Park


Field of Honor® & Healing Field® Flag Display Fundraiser Programs

Field of Honor® & Healing Field® Flag Display Fundraiser Programs

Remembering all the First Responders

420 U.S. flags providing the perfect back-drop for the Traveling Tunnel to Towers exhibit honoring the New York City Firefighters & First Responders

If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”

— Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl

WEST VALLEY CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the tradition of its eighteen-year legacy of remembering and honoring the victims of 9.11 the Utah Healing Field®, provided by the Colonial Flag Foundation proudly posts 420 United States flags providing the perfect back-drop for the Traveling Tunnel to Towers exhibit honoring the New York City Firefighters and First Responders parked on display at West Valley Centennial Park. Both foundations trace their origin to honoring the innocent victims of terrorism and heroes who died working to save them, September 11, 2001.

Posted in solemn uniform rows and columns at the West Valley City Healing Field® display stands one flag for one heroic life lost running into burning buildings to rescue World Trade Center workers and visitors. Each flag has a name and tells a story of unconditional valor, that each will always be remembered and that their sacrifice not be in vain.
This is the essence of meaning for the Utah Healing Field® flag display which will post more than 3,000 flags on the Sandy City Promenade this coming September.

The impact and meaning of the Utah Healing Field® has grown and spread from coast to coast and beyond. Developed as the Programs of the Colonial Flag Foundation, Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag displays are now posted in hundreds of communities all through out the year for various causes while honoring other heroes in uniform that are in service to protect us all.

This Memorial Day weekend in 28 cities across America nearly 18,000 United States flags will fly on one of 28 other Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag displays honoring fallen military service men and women. Each flag carries a name and a story provided by a family member or loved one. All united on a grassy field with fellow comrades, awaiting visitors that wish to walk among them and find a place of honor, remembrance and gratitude.
This weekend is the perfect opportunity to honor and remember all those that wear a uniform in service and sacrifice for us all.

Visit the Healing Field® flag display along with the Tunnel to Towers exhibit at the West Valley City Centennial Park.
Located at= 5415 W 3100 S, West Valley City, UT 84120
From May 23rd thru May 29th, 2019

For more information about the Colonial Flag Foundation and it’s nation wide flag displays visit https://www.healingfield.org/

To learn how your organization can host an Healing Field or Field of Honor Flag Display visit https://www.healingfield.org/our-programs/#howitworks

Stacy Rogers
Colonial Flag Foundation
+1 866-375-3524
email us here
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One Flag One Life

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Twenty-eight Flag Display Events Will Fly 17,337 U.S. Flags this Memorial Day to Honor Our Veterans

Join with Colonial Flag Foundation in Honoring Our Veterans this Memorial Day

Benefiting Charity - Operation Ramp It Up for Veterans - via the VA Foundation

Hosted by: The Arlington Memorial Gardens

Benefiting Charity - Project Healing Water Fly Fishing & Pets for Vets

Hosted by: The City Of Eagle Idaho

Benefiting Charity - Building Veterans

Hosted by: Knights of Columbus

Benefiting Charity -Archdiocese for Military Services, USA

Hosted by: St Patrick School

Not just a day for "Gigantic Mattress Sales," but a day to revive the meaning of Memorial Day with the display of 17,337 U.S. Flags in 28 U.S. cities & town.

It is foolish and wrong to morn the men who died. Rather we should thank God such men lived.”

— General George S. Patton

UNITED STATES, May 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Colonial Flag Foundation Memorial Day Flag Displays

Visitors to Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag displays experience a breathtaking view as numerous flags flutter in the wind. First-timers often find this affects them more than they expected. At the Colonial Flag Foundation headquarters, we hear repeated comments such as, “I thought it would be beautiful, but I had no idea how amazing the experience would be.”

Having visited many of our flag displays, we understand. Our problem, however, is that we are unable to visit all these amazing events. This Memorial Day, for example, 17,337 United States Flags will fly in 28 Field of Honor® and Healing Field® displays located in 13 states. Like proud parents of large families, we love each of our offspring and imagine that some may become tired of our constant bragging.
Nevertheless, we have a lot to brag about, and it is all true. As a matter of fact 20 of the 28 hosting organizations are bringing return events to their communities. As we talk with them we learn of their amazing accomplishments. Six have hosted events for more than ten years. These repeating events have also inspired 8 first-time displays to join with them.

This all recounts the impact that the flag displays have in drawing the community together to honor heroes who have earned respect and appreciation. We often note on event web pages that each flag tells a story, and we have learned the impact that the displayed flags have for families and sponsors.

There is, however, another benefit resulting from Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag display events. The 28 events posting flags this Memorial Day will through their event raise money for 30 causes. The number 30 is important as it means that each of the 28 hosting organizations selected their own benefiting charity, and two events named two charities. It follows, then, that the proceeds from these events remain in the local communities to benefit local causes. Service clubs have programs that benefit numerous local programs. Other named charities benefit veterans, police, fire fighters and support numerous local causes. Last year alone, Colonial Flag Foundation events raised over a million dollars for charity.

We will visit as many flag display events as possible, but we can’t make it to all. Nevertheless, we encourage those who can visit a Field of Honor® or Healing Field® flag display to not miss the opportunity. The flag displays may be visited without cost. Each event is a gift to the local community made possible by the hard work and planning of host organizations and dedicated volunteers.

Find an event near you www.healingfield.org/schedule-of-events/

Please support these events through flag sponsorships and donations. Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag displays return so much to their communities on so many levels. If there is one in your area, spread the word and bring your family & friends.

To learn more about Colonial Flag Foundation please visit our website at www.healingfield.org

Click here to learn how your organization can host an event

Stacy Rogers
Colonial Flag Foundation
+1 866-375-3524
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One Flag One Life

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New High Performance 24 Channel ARINC 429 Board from UEI

UEI's DNx-429-516 I/O Board

UEI’s DNx-429-516 I/O Board

WALPOLE, MA, USA, May 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — United Electronic Industries (UEI) today announced the release of the DNx-429-516 ARINC 429 interface for use with UEI’s Cube and RACKtangle chassis. With 24 RX and 16 TX channels coupled to a high-performance FPGA, the board provides unprecedented flexibility to record, playback, process, and test their ARINC-429 traffic.

The DNx-529-516 board supports high speed (100 kHz) and low speed (12.5 kHz) operation, selectable on a channel by channel basis. The channel speed can be set to frequencies other than 100 and 12.5 kHz to support legacy devices that “push” the ARINC 429 standard.

256 word FIFOs on all channels ensure data integrity in both directions. The board includes an ARINC 429 receiver connected to each transmit channel. This allows the application to confirm the correct information has been written to the ARINC 429 bus. The TX drivers on the TX/RX channels can be disabled on a channel-by-channel basis allowing TX channels to function as RX.

Channels may transmit asynchronously or based on a hardware-controlled scheduler supporting up to 256 unique schedules. The DNx-429-516 provides a host of helpful filtering capabilities including the ability to only return data from specific labels or from labels whose data has changed since the last read.

The included UEIDAQ Framework provides a comprehensive, easy to use API supporting most popular operating systems and programming languages. The DNx-429-516 is also backed by the UEI’s revolutionary 10-year availability guarantee and 3-year warranty.

Pricing starts at $7,000 for the DNA-429-516 version and $7,150 for the DNR/DNF-429-516 versions. Call 508-921-4600 or email sales@ueidaq.com for delivery options.

For more information, please visit www.ueidaq.com/products/24-channel-arinc-429-interface.

About United Electronic Industries, Inc
UEI’s family of rugged chassis and extensive selection of over 85 I/O boards dominates the simulation, test and data acquisition markets in aerospace, defense, industrial and transportation applications. UEI’s customers include tier 1 aerospace, defense, space and industrial companies, and all branches of the military. UEI’s world class customer support and service enable rapid customer deployment and seamless integration into virtually any popular software environment including LabVIEW, Simulink/MATLAB, .NET, Java as well as C/C++. UEI headquarters is located at 27 Renmar Avenue, Walpole, MA 02081. Additional UEI offices located at Neuer Wall 50, 20354 Kaufmannshaus, Hamburg DE and Milton Hall, Ely Road, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6WZ, UK.

Scott Sugarman
United Electronic Industries
+1 508-921-4584
email us here
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Freedom of Commerce Legislation Re-Introduced

U.S. SEnator Mike Crapo

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

Senators Crapo, Risch Partner with the American Knife & Tool Institute to Reduce the Burdensome Regulations on Sales of Automatic Knives

The Freedom of Commerce Act would remove one of the many federal regulatory burdens that have hindered manufacturing growth, interstate commerce and consumer practices for far too long. ”

— U.S. Senator Mike Crapo

CODY, WY, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) thanks U.S. Senators Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) and Jim Risch (R-Idaho) for re-introducing the Freedom of Commerce Act, S. 1588, which would allow consumers to purchase an automatic knife legal in their state, regardless of where it was manufactured in the U.S.

“Access to tools vital to their trade is critically important for law-abiding citizens and sportsmen in states allowing possession of automatic knives,” said Senator Crapo. “The Freedom of Commerce Act would remove one of the many federal regulatory burdens that have hindered manufacturing growth, interstate commerce and consumer practices for far too long. I thank AKTI for its partnership on this effort.”

“The unencumbered transfer of goods, services and ideas across state lines is what America’s economic success is built on,” said CJ Buck, American Knife and Tool Institute President and Buck Knives CEO. “If a state decides a product is legal to possess and use there should be no restrictions from the federal government on the interstate commerce of said product. The Freedom of Commerce Act restores the ability of law abiding citizens to buy products they want that are legal in their state.”

Enacted in 1958, the Federal Switchblade Act (FSA) leverages the federal government’s interstate commerce power to prohibit the purchase, sale and trade of automatic knives between any of the fifty U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and any U.S. territories.

S. 1588 would repeal certain provisions of the FSA and allow manufacturers to ship and sell their products to buyers in other states, as well as permit the importation of certain knife parts. The bill would not replace or change any existing state laws regarding any automatic knives which are defined based on their opening mechanism.

“Currently automatic knives are legal in 40 states and limiting law-abiding citizens from being able to purchase the essential and valuable tool of their choice is burdensome and unnecessarily restrictive,” said Jan Billeb, AKTI Executive Director. “We look forward to working with Senators Crapo and Risch and other co-sponsors of this commonsense bill through the legislative process.”

Text of the legislation can be read here – http://bit.ly/2HupSRw

State laws regarding automatic knives can be found here – http://bit.ly/2EqwChg

Jan Billeb
American Knife & Tool Institute
+1 3075878296
email us here

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Global IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Market: key Vendors, Trends, Analysis, Segmentation, Forecast to 2019-2025

Wiseguyreports.Com Adds “IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables 2019-2025 Global Market Survey Industry Key Players" To Its Research Database

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, May 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Market 2019-2025

Description: –

Wearable products comprise smart devices equipped with microchips, sensors, and wireless communication capabilities. These devices collect data, track activities, and provide customized experiences to user’s needs and desires. The adoption of wearables in the workplace will occur both in corporate enterprise environments and in industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing shop floors, and field maintenance sites.

Scope of the Report:

The growing popularity of mobile networks has been one of the most important factors in the development of IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables. Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, and web-enabled glasses allow people to access data hands-free from Wi-Fi networks.

Free Sample Report @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/sample-request/4039722-global-iot-enabled-industrial-wearables-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

The major manufacturers covered in this report

ChipSiP Technology
Kopin Corporation
SmartCap Technologies

Market analysis by product type
Smart eyewear
Head-mounted wearables
Hand-worn wearables

Market analysis by market
Medical Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Energy Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Metal and Mining Industry

Market analysis by Region
United States
Southeast Asia
Central & South America

The study objectives of this report are:

To analyze global IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.

To present the IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables development in United States, Europe and China.

To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their development plan and strategies.

To define, describe and forecast the market by product type, market and key regions.

For Detailed Report Visit @ https://www.wiseguyreports.com/reports/4039722-global-iot-enabled-industrial-wearables-market-size-status-and-forecast-2019-2025

Major Key Points in Table of Content:

1 Report Overview
1.1 Study Scope
1.2 Key Market Segments
1.3 Players Covered
1.4 Market Analysis by Type
1.4.2 Smart eyewear
1.4.3 Head-mounted wearables
1.4.4 Hand-worn wearables
1.5 Market by Application
1.5.1 Global IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Market Share by Application (2018-2025)
1.5.2 Medical Industry
1.5.3 Manufacturing Industry
1.5.4 Energy Industry
1.5.5 Oil and Gas Industry
1.5.6 Metal and Mining Industry
1.6 Study Objectives
1.7 Years Considered


9 International Players Profiles
9.1 Alphabet
9.1.1 Alphabet Company Details
9.1.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.1.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.1.4 Alphabet Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2018-2019)
9.1.5 Alphabet Recent Development
9.2.1 DAQRI Company Details
9.2.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.2.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.2.4 DAQRI Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2018-2019)
9.2.5 DAQRI Recent Development
9.3 Epson
9.3.1 Epson Company Details
9.3.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.3.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.3.4 Epson Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2018-2019)
9.3.5 Epson Recent Development
9.4 Fujitsu
9.4.1 Fujitsu Company Details
9.4.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.4.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.4.4 Fujitsu Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2018-2019)
9.4.5 Fujitsu Recent Development
9.5 Microsoft
9.5.1 Microsoft Company Details
9.5.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.5.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.5.4 Microsoft Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2017-2018)
9.5.5 Microsoft Recent Development
9.6 Vuzix
9.6.1 Vuzix Company Details
9.6.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.6.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.6.4 Vuzix Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2017-2018)
9.6.5 Vuzix Recent Development
9.7 ChipSiP Technology
9.7.1 ChipSiP Technology Company Details
9.7.2 Company Description and Business Overview
9.7.3 IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Introduction
9.7.4 ChipSiP Technology Revenue in IoT-Enabled Industrial Wearables Business (2018-2019)
9.7.5 ChipSiP Technology Recent Development


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Hometown Hero Banners

South Shore BID

Councilman Joe Borelli


We are forever grateful to our veterans and we’re happy to be able to showcase our thanks in a unique and public way”

— Councilman Joe Borelli

STATEN ISLAND, NY, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The month of May is Veterans Awareness month, and The South Shore Business Improvement District (BID) and Councilman Joe Borelli have partnered to launch a first of its kind campaign created to recognize and honor our local Servicemen & Women. The Hometown Hero Campaign will allow the community to nominate a local veteran and 6 finalists will be featured on custom banners to be printed and hung within the towns of Annadale, Eltingville, and Great Kills.

“We are forever grateful to our veterans and we’re happy to be able to showcase our thanks in a unique and public way,” said Councilman Joe Borelli. “Now when you’re visiting the South Shore and see these banners, you’ll be reminded how fortunate we are that these men and women live in our community.”

Interested parties can nominate a Hometown Hero by visiting www.southshorebid.org and clicking the Hometown Hero link. Submissions are already being accepted and the nomination process will end on Friday, May 24th. Submissions will be reviewed, and 6 finalists will be selected to have a custom banner created and hung from telephone poles within the towns of Annadale, Eltingville and Great Kills. Unveiling of the banners to be announced at a later date.

“The South Shore BID is proud to partner with Councilman Borelli on this campaign,” said Gary Fleming, President of The South Shore Business Improvement District. “We hope that when the banners are hung people will stop and think how blessed we are for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted.”

For more information about the Hometown Hero campaign please visit www.southshorebid.org, email anthony@southshorebid.org, or dial (718) 490-5023.

About The South Shore Business Improvement District (BID)
The South Shore BID was created to promote the economic vitality in the towns of Annadale, Eltingville, and Great Kills. A Business Improvement District (BID) is a program whereby business and property owners come together as a collective group to increase the economic development and revitalize the neighborhoods and community they service. For more information visit www.southshorebid.org

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Source: EIN Presswire