Joorney nonprofit client Naval Warrior Foundation is helping veterans translate their skills into the workplace

Veteran-led organization helps fellow vets find meaningful work after years of service

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, November 4, 2019 / — Murtice Tucker spent years in the Marine Corps, enlisting and working his way up to an officer rank. He was in Special Operations capable units, working with foreign counterparts and Reconnaissance Marines. Through that experience, he saw people firsthand for who they were and made bonds that would last a lifetime.

During the course of his service, he realized there was a major perceived gap between the work people like him did serving their country and what people do professionally in civilian life.

That’s when he decided to launch the Naval Warrior Foundation.

“I have met so many new military veterans who return home unsure of their next step,” Tucker said. “They need someone to provide a little guidance in getting them from point A to point B, someone to help with career development, executive education and enhancing their marketability and resume. We provide that vehicle for them.”

The Naval Warrior Foundation, a registered non-profit 501(c) 3 charitable organization, is dedicated to providing immediate support and assistance to the Elite Service Members and Veterans of U.S. Naval Service.

The organization supports the warriors of these close-knit communities by providing transitional assistance, scholarship opportunities, and seed funding for business ownership opportunities.

The service is free for military Special Operations Veterans and Veterans who have served as enablers within Special Operations. Beyond that, they offer discounts on executive education to all Veterans and their families, by partnering with Bisk Education to offer online education with a number of schools such as Villanova University and the University of Notre Dame. Corporate sponsors have come on board as partners of the Naval Warrior Foundation, helping the non-profit grow, plan and achieve its next big steps.

The Naval Warrior Foundation is also working in close partnership with the Center for Organizational Effectiveness at Florida Institute of Technology on a research study examining Special Operations Veterans’ experiences of successful transition into the workforce. This study is being spearheaded by Dr. Lisa Steelman who is one of the top Industrial Organizational Psychologist in the country.

“Too many times veterans who transition into the civilian world carry that weight and take on that fight alone,” said Zacharay Weis, a former Force Reconnaissance Marine who worked with the Naval Warrior Foundation to find the right career path after service.

“They were there to make sure I knew I wasn’t going into this fight alone. They helped carry some of the weight that would ensure a successful transition from military to civilian life.”

Naval Warrior Foundation has a major sponsorship from an MLS team in the U.S., and other Fortune companies. This helps tremendously with building awareness, Tucker adds.

Another organization that offered their expertise to Naval Warrior Foundation was Joorney, a national business plan and advisory firm who regularly selects non-profits to partner with and create a sustainable business plan for how they can reach their goals.

“Our team is inspired by people like Murtice and the veterans he works with on a daily basis,” said Gerald Padilla, VP of Sales and Marketing at Joorney. “He is extremely enthusiastic, motivated and driven to bring forth his mission of helping veterans find meaningful employment. It was amazing to collaborate with him and develop a comprehensive business plan to help his non-profit achieve the success they are looking for.”

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