Hospital Clocks That Connect to Wi-Fi

Accurate Reliable Synchronized Clocks are important in Healthcare because everything is charted based on time. Wi-Fi clocks are the most affordable method.

“The clocks work perfect, I am happy with the clocks. If people need synchronized timing it works perfect!”

— Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Cleveland, OH

PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, December 9, 2019 / — .— Admoveo Solutions has released a Wi-Fi wireless clock system that matches the sophistication of some of the most important buildings in our cities— our hospitals. These wireless clocks are both highly functional and deeply reliable for the overall ease of scheduling and minimization of error in hospitals, where, many times, literally every second counts.

Efficient time management in hospitals is more than a way to keep nurses on the correct shifts or to time out coffee breaks—at times, the proper and responsible keeping of time can add up to matters of life or death. The moment one crosses the threshold into a hospital, essentially all data is traced by time, and Admoveo is a company that does not believe in taking chances when the smartest tech available is adaptable to those needs. When considering the stakes of what is measured in time at hospitals—dosage amounts of life-saving medicine, visiting hours for lonely patients, routine taking of vitals—there is too little room for error or miscalculation of time. Even insurance companies measure reimbursement amounts via the quantification of time, and those are numbers neither administration at the hospital or patients paying off treatment want to be misquoted for. Simply put: there is far too much at stake to not have the most accurate time-telling technology around in hospitals.

Comparable to the smart phones of the time, Admoveo’s wireless hospital clocks take their signals from one master signal, flawlessly synchronizing all clocks no matter which corner of the hospital they are in. There is no need for additional installation of a network, additional wiring, or complicated structural assembly and installment. In fact, these clocks are so elegantly designed, they run on battery-operated power which generally only needs replacement every 5 years! Despite being hung separately throughout the whole building, it is guaranteed these wifi clocks will tick in perfect unison and can even further be integrated into the building’s paging or alarm systems, as well. This system is so sensitive that it will faithfully account for daylight saving time 365 days a year, with no additional or manual maintenance. It’s all wireless and automatic. Think about the hassle this relieves of taking down hundreds of clocks and manually turning the hands in every room a couple times a year. That’s more time for healthcare professionals to attend their patients with the very best care.

And finally, if the analog clock does not fit with the modern style-scape of your building, Admoveo also offers wireless digital clocks that also connect with Wifi and can be hung from any angle most convenient to its location. Double-faced, one-sided—the positionally of these stylish clocks is important, but so is what actually comes across the clocks in writing, if the time ever calls for it. Unfortunately, intruders or inclement weather occurs more often than we’d like, especially when it comes to someone beloved we know in the hospital. Admoveo has thought forward in this regard, as well, offering the capacity for clocks to switch from telling time to streaming written messages that can be activated from any smart phone or tablet in the building. The thoroughness of this wireless clock system is truly enviable to anyone who has not caught up to the smart age of clocks. Is your hospital ready for streamlined efficiency that takes no risks for you or your patients?

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Source: EIN Presswire