Marketing Professional Shares The Veteran Advantage to Building Your Brand Online

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Mint Social CEO Matt O’Brien discusses the importance of online branding and offers The Veteran Advantage on The David Johnson Show

Matt O’Brien, Phoenix community leader and digital marketing pro, shares tips for veterans on giving back to their community on the “The David Johnson Show”

The people on your show are the experts. These people have something to give, something that they've lived their whole life that they don't realize. So find your passion and then find your audience.”

— Matthew O'Brien, CEO of MINT Social

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2020 / — Phoenix community leader and digital marketing professional Matt O’Brien shares his faith-based insights to veterans on giving back and impacting one’s community on the new episode of “The David Johnson Show”, a national voice that talks about points of interest within the post 9/11 military and veteran culture.

In recent years, Matt O’Brien has shifted his professional digital marketing focus into making more of an impact on the community. He has volunteered at local charity St. Vincent de Paul for many years and serves on their advisory board, is a board member at HeroZona Foundation, and also serves on boards of several technology-based organizations, including being a founding board member of Arizona Innovation Marketing Association.

“What are you doing in the community that is going to get my attention?” Matt asks. “I have the ability to transform my company from anybody that wants to just work with me to putting it out there and saying, I want to work with spiritually-focused, purpose-based businesses that are impacting the world.”

Using his social media marketing firm Mint Social as a springboard, O’Brien is using his own reach and faith principles to inspire veterans to find their passion in giving back to their community. He has watched earlier episodes of “The David Johnson Show” and finds much of the inspiration he needs in the guests on the show.

“The people I’ve heard on your show, these are the experts,” says O’Brien in the episode. “These people have something to give, something that they've lived their whole life that they don't realize. So find your passion and then find your audience. You're giving, and you're providing something that you know is your insight, your expertise, to the community because it will come back to you tenfold and you will find your audience based on that niche.”

Matt has worked in digital marketing for 25 years and has found examples of communities and groups online that work together well. Yet he feels there is room for improvement for the military and veteran communities.

“Here's what's missing in the military community,” Matt says. “The military community is a tight community, a tight-knit group. I don't see that tight-knit group living online as a community. It's fragmented and it's disjointed and it needs to be brought together. I think if every active military came out and committed to building that community, there's money to be made in that. And more importantly, there are lives to be saved in that.”

Matt wants to help use his digital marketing and online branding talents to bring together this veteran and military community. To that end, he has created an entirely new opportunity for military veterans looking to launch a new business or find their passion in a new career using The Veteran Advantage.

To learn more about The Veteran Advantage for growing your online brand as an influencer or as a brand, complete the short form here.

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The David Johnson Show is an online video show giving a voice to military veterans and military fans in the post 9/11-era.

Premiering in April 2020 at, “The David Johnson Show” is an episode-driven showcase for the American military and veteran subculture. Each show episode showcases a different guest with a different story.

“The David Johnson Show” features military veterans growing into successful civilian lives, as well as entrepreneurs who can help those in the military and veteran communities. Each episode is available for streaming on your preferred device.

“The David Johnson Show” is produced by Promotion Board Media, and is the first of several new online video shows planned for the military and veteran community. These shows will be professionally produced, present great information and offer a wide range of related content.

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