Verve United Launches American Beauty Campaign in Support of Freedom Sisters to Amplify Women Veterans Beyond Uniform

Verve United Freedom Sisters t-shirt

Verve United Freedom Sisters t-shirt

American Beauty design by Kerri Jeter

American Beauty design by Kerri Jeter

Kerri Jeter Ms. Veteran America 2015

Kerri Jeter Ms. Veteran America 2015

Verve United partnering with Kerri Jeter, founder of Freedom Sisters offering a custom, “American Beauty” T-shirt with proceeds going to amplify Women Veterans.

The partnership between Verve United and Freedom Sisters is a beautiful collaboration to help empower Women Veterans.”

— Kerri Jeter

DALLAS, TX, USA, October 15, 2020 / — Verve United is partnering up with Kerri Jeter, founder of Freedom Sisters Media offering a custom, “American Beauty” T-shirt with a percentage of proceeds going to help amplify Women Veterans. Verve United is all about the expression of American ideals of the republic, freedom and liberty in casual apparel. Co-founded by USAF Veteran Tim “TK” Klund and Gold Star Family Member Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, CEO and President, respectively.

Verve CEO Tim “TK” Klund is regarded as one of the top industry leaders as a "Relationship Specialist" in the world of corporate and sports marketing, and previously was on the Advisory Board of The Lone Survivor Foundation. Verve President Kiran “Raj” RajBhandary, who lost his brother in Grenada, is a Gold Star Family Member. He has provided branding and marketing services to The Gary Sinise Foundation, Boeing, Ford, Harley-Davidson, Disney, and DirecTV, among others.

Kerri Jeter grew up in Boise, Idaho and joined the U.S. Army in 2006 as a mom of three. From the beginning, Kerri embodied being fully woman and fully warrior as she served her country. Throughout her time in service, she proved that women could be both mothers and military leaders, achieving the rank of Captain before exiting the Army in 2018. In her 12-year career, she served in Human Resources, Finance, Training, Aviation Operations, and Public Affairs. Kerri was crowned Ms. Veteran America 2015, when she created this design, “American Beauty,” to highlight the woman beyond the uniform.

In her yearlong reign, she really began to see firsthand the residual effects of the unique challenges women face in uniform. Women in the military face unique challenges, including retention, military sexual trauma and gender discrimination, and transition assistance.

Today, over 210,000 women serve on Active Duty (AD) across the military services (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force), and another 5,955 serve in the Active Coast Guard, according to the Defense Manpower Data Center. This number represents 16% of women in the total enlisted force and 18 percent in the officer corps.

Yet in spite of the challenges, Women Veterans continue to rise above, in uniform and beyond. The mission of Freedom Sisters is to amplify Women Veterans. We address political, social and spiritual issues from a Woman Veteran perspective about issues that matter to the Women Veteran Community.

The words in the design represent the essence of the women who serve. Love for God, family and country; strength, physically, mentally and emotionally tough; support the teammate to her brother-in-arms; poise the ability to balance military life and family; pride stepping boldly into a legacy of valor;
beauty being authentically sincere and extending love to others; sacrifice accepting the cost of selfless service up to her life.

“I placed the word sacrifice on the leg, as a tribute to my sister and good friend, Marissa Strock, who lost her legs while serving in Iraq,” said Jeter.

After actively pursuing her healing and faith, Kerri realized the need to fill in the gap for spiritual healing within the Woman Veteran community. She launched Freedom Sisters and The Freedom Sisters Podcast to invite her sisters-in-service onto the show to talk about the hardships and victories and everything in between through the lens of faith. The conversations have been authentic, real, transparent and vulnerable; the only place where true connection and healing begin is in that vulnerable state.

No matter how different the stories are week to week, the common thread is sisterhood, hope and healing. It has been incredible to witness first hand Women Veterans heal, share, and empower one another. Jeter’s knack for interviewing guides the guest through her life, no topic is off the table, this is real life and our sisters are real Sheroes.

“I have seen time and time again, even if a woman Veteran had become homeless or hit a different ‘rock bottom’, the moment when someone believed in her, she made a connection, or found a resource that could help her; she was able to find her purpose and live a life of meaning,” stated Jeter.

“Raj and I are proud to support veteran social enterprises. Our female veterans are a priceless resource. Their re-entry to society, building and living purposeful lives is critical”, stated Klund.

“To be able to assist this veteran led endeavor is an honor” stated RajBhandary. “The importance of this undertaking is not to be underestimated, and it deserves all the support we can provide”, he added.

"The partnership between Verve United and Freedom Sisters is a beautiful collaboration to help empower Women Veterans to be proud of her own story and have a shirt embody her service is both powerful and meaningful", added Jeter.

“As a former Public Affairs Officer with over 12 years’ experience in media and spending the last 5 advocating for our community, I am intimately aware of the unmet needs we face,” said Jeter. “And I have seen how the power of sharing stories and information can amplify and activate change for the better.”

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Freedom Sisters is a media company focused on Women Veterans. We inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through authentic and Women Veteran stories, experiences, and unique points of view that ensures Women Veterans succeed beyond the uniform into her next mission. As a social enterprise, we give back a portion of our proceeds to Women Veteran Led Nonprofits.
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