D911 Inc Delivers a Mobile Application to Help E911 Operations During Disasters

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Professional Disaster Response

D911 Inc has developed a mobile application that helps E911 operators and Emergency Managers gain better intelligence from the disaster theater.

The expertise that the military and civilian professionals bring to this application is exceptional. Their contributions have helped turn a complicated problem into a simple, intuitive solution.”

— Daniel Francis, App Designer

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Disasters of all types create a demand on resources that exceeds their immediate ability to respond. Post event operations can become difficult as incoming relief efforts compete with one another, and local resources, for opportunities to be helpful. In the midst of a disaster, there can be a moment of confusion and an overwhelmed system, handling the help requests that come into EOC's by way of the local E911 operations. In addition to this are the NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and GRIT's (Grass Roots Independent Teams) that enter the area to be helpful. How can Emergency Managers begin to get control and monitor all of this activity? Perhaps this will help. The D911 Mobile App.

The D911 Mobile Application provides emergency managers with technology to offshore non emergency help requests and damage reports to the D911 operations center that is in place to manage those requests. D911 works by matching requests to local and immigrating relief efforts in real time. Emergency Managers can see what type of requests are coming in, which NGO's and GRIT's may be responding to help, and coordinate their local resources with this activity to reduce redundant responses, freeing local emergency resources to focus on life and property threats as opposed to the typical relief efforts that are common to most disaster scenarios.

D911 manages relief agencies and independent operators in theater. Relief agencies registered in the app will receive notifications of help requests from survivors who make a request in app for assistance. The information gathered by the app includes the name, phone number and exact location of the device being used to make the request along with a brief description of the needs for that request.

D911 Inc. is a non-profit organization that developed this application. D911 expects to begin operations in summer 2021. "The organization is privately funded" says Daniel Francis, a former EMT, independent disaster responder and the applications designer. "We are hoping to have a significant impact on the way this information is managed and communicated between all involved with a disaster response response."

Francis says that he has consulted with retired US Coast Guard, UPS Logistics and Retired U.S. Special Forces officers to help design the app. "The expertise that the military and civilian professionals bring to this application is exceptional. Their contributions have helped turn a complicated problem into a simple, intuitive solution."

D911 operates like and E911 center, only the information and access is through a mobile application. The D911 operations center fields the requests and monitors activity. Active Emergency Operation Centers can see their areas activity and make requests of the resources as well. Daniel Francis says "There can be a dozen or more NGO Command Posts in a disaster theater, this app consolidates them into a single, real time interface."

The plan is to begin operations with local EOC's, expanding their reach and increasing the speed of response to their communities.

"The app is ready to be deployed" Says Francis, D911 wants the opportunity to show you how it can make a big difference".

Interested emergency managers can schedule a briefing on D911 on the D911.org website.

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