NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2021 / — The New York Open Center & Brett Cotter are offering a virtual Stress/Anxiety Reduction Course via Zoom this Wednesday May 5th @ 7pm ET. Mr. Cotter will be teaching concepts from his PTSD WORKBOOK, doing mini-coaching sessions to help participants let go, and ending each class with a guided meditation. The course will continue on Wednesday nights throughout the month of May. This will help anyone who is ready to let go of extreme stress. Students will participate in a question / answer method to identify and release their individual stress patterns during each week's exercises.

The Stress Is Gone Method quickly releases layers of accumulated stress by:

1. Identifying the unconscious fear fueling the stress

2. Locating where that fear is inside the body

3. Freeing the body from fear on a cellular level by reconnecting with our spirit through the power of the spoken word.

Participants learn how to release physical, mental, and emotional stress, often processing decades of built-up tension in minutes. People feel lighter and clearer after each release.

"For the last 20-years I've been making the same promise to people who attend a workshop; if you participant 100% you will release more stress today then you ever have in your entire life." says Brett Cotter, Founder of the Stress Is Gone.

These exercises are designed to help you:

· Stop stress and release anxiety before it becomes overwhelming.

· Reprogram your reaction to stress triggers.

· Heal trauma and intense relationships.

This experience gives you the opportunity to break free from the daily struggle with stress and anxiety and creates the space to explore all you can be.

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About Brett Cotter:

Brett Cotter, ( ) author and founder of Stress Is Gone, specializes in trauma recovery through one-on-one coaching, guided meditation, and stress relief techniques. He has 20-years of hands-on experience helping individuals and families break free from the grips of their pain. Brett has taught his signature classes in Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, schools, non-profits, military bases, and disaster sites. Brett's gift is helping people heal traumatic memories and overcome fear, stress, and anxiety. His work transforms stressful family dynamics and helps create happy loving homes.

About The Open Center:

The New York Open Center's mission is to bring the holistic, ecological, and spiritual worldview into the contemporary world. Founded in 1984 in the heart of downtown New York City, The Open Center offers programs, workshops, conferences, lectures, and performances that awaken the potential of the human spirit and help turn our society toward a future of well-being and sustainability.

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