LifeRing™ 6.0 – Integrated C4I System Can Process 10,000 Sensor Reports Produced By Different Systems

5G, AIS 10.000 users and tracks, MDDL, Multi Domain Data Link. LifeRing 6.0

AIS Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) enables support for 10,000 users all communicating between each other

5G, AIS 10,000 users and tracks, MDDL, Multi Domain Data Link. LifeRing 6.0, COP, Common Operating Picture

AGIS Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) Integrates C41 System and Sensor Protocols and Formats Into a Common Universal Format that provides an Integrated Common Operating Picture Display 0f 10,000 Tracks and Users

5G, AIS 10,000 users and tracks, MDDL, Multi Domain Data Link. LifeRing 6.0

Multi Domain Exchange Of Sensor and System Data

MDDL Common Format Between Interfacing C4I Systems Can Handle High Information Traffic

… provides an integrated Common Operating Picture without overwhelming operators with data that's not relevant to the operation”

— Cap Beyer, CEO

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 19, 2021 / — Today’s military sensors produce vast amounts of data which can result in saturation of most military C4I systems. It has become highly desirable to provide a combined and integrated Common Operating Picture (COP) between interfacing sensors and C4I systems without overwhelming operators with data that is not relevant to their operation. LifeRing™ C4I engineers have designed a Cloud-based but not Cloud dependent C4I system that provides operators with secure and rapid access to needed information. LifeRing uses an AGIS-developed Multi Domain Data Link (MDDL) to process sensor and C4I data feeds to enable the fusion of data and the parsing of data into groups that need to view appropriate subsets of the vast amounts of available information, including 5G data. Using MDDL, the system converts relevant information for translation and intelligence processing between interfacing U.S. and NATO C4I systems.

For example, If desired, fighter aircraft equipped with Link-16 can receive ship locations that may be outside of their radar range. In another example, expeditionary ground units near a shoreline can be made aware of commercial vessels approaching their vicinity.

Military and other Response organizations need interoperability between interfacing C4I systems. Operators need assured communications and a capability to rapidly shift between the methods, types, and speeds of communications in situations when communications are interrupted by communications congestion, denial, or failure. To maximize the operational effectiveness of these critical communications for U.S. and other allied militaries, LifeRing provides interfaces to and translation between Link-16, OTH Gold, JVMF, CoT and NATO NFFI, ADEM and NVG. LifeRing provides all users a true encrypted COP and enables LifeRing and other C4I users with the proper encryption to join the COP and view and add data to the COP. LifeRing has been tested with all the systems shown and in various combinations, but never all at once.

LifeRing can operate either in a stationary or in an on the move mobile environment, by using AWS Snowball Edge. It is reliable because it has been developed over 16 years using an Agile software process with constant customer input. By limiting data transmission, we have learned how to lessen RF targeting. Available now, it requires no special hardware thus making it very low cost.

We invite C4I users, novice and seasoned veterans alike, to an unclassified version of our Web Client by going to or Request a guided demo, or request a copy of an unclassified APP by going to

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Large Capacity Sensor and C4I Systems Tracking

Source: EIN Presswire