An Amazing Sterilizing Machine for Bedding is now Available to Hotels, Cruise Ships and Hospitals

A Life Saver for Travellers and holiday makers

AJIJIC, JALISCO, MEXICO, June 18, 2021 / — An ozone gas sterilizing chamber capable of holding 40 standard pillows [400 daily] is now available to destroy all known pathogens in bedding incapable of being satisfactorily treated and sterilized through any other method.

Categorized as a ‘Green’ product, the chamber uses no water, no chemicals, uses extraordinarily little electricity, leaves no chemical residue whatsoever, is hypoallergenic, protects human life, and does not affect the ozone layer.

Dr Art Tucker, Lead Healthcare Scientist at Barts Health NHS Trust, of Saint Bart Hospital in London said that "the contact of the mouth, nose, and eyes of a person on the pillow transmit to the pillow many bacteria and viruses that may be transmitted to another person that will use the same pillow, even after changing the pillowcase."

The travelling public no longer needs to be placed at possible risk by unwarily sleeping on items of unsterilized bedding. The treatment reaches deep inside pillows.

Since the sales launch on June 01, the Mexican company, Fulgor Harriss Industries Mex., headed by CEO Paola Rebolledo, offers for National and International distribution high-quality equipment in speciality 304 stainless steel only for bedding sterilization to the standard of 99.999%. Their website tells more.

Paula Rebolledo
Fulgor Harriss Industries Mex., S.A. De C.V.
+52 376 766 5388

Source: EIN Presswire