Military Supportive Tech Company Opens Office in San Diego

The Ginisis Group, Incorporated (GGI) has opened an office in La Jolla California in 2021! GGI is a software engineering, cyber security, and IT firm.

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — The Ginisis Group, Incorporated (GGI) has successfully opened an office in La Jolla California in 2021! GGI is a software/system engineering, cyber security, IT, acquisition and human capital firm that works side by side with the Department of Defense across the United States. GGI has not only exceeded expectations this past year but also directly supports our troops via the Military Spouse Working (MSW) initiative. The MSW initiative will be focused on hiring military spouses who have just moved to the area or have been here a while and are looking to work with military clearances, and those without. “Even in the current environment, we felt like it was a good time to expand our offices to San Diego. Ginisis, being made up of over 85% veterans, and having just launched the MSW initiative, we felt like we could cultivate the job market in San Diego," says Missy Burton, Vice President of GGI, current military spouse, and head of the MSW initiative. Errol Gorman, founder and CEO of GGI states, “Even though I have never been in uniform and received the wonderful opportunity to defend this country, I do believe in and support the great men and women who have.” San Diego California – USA October 2021

The Ginisis Group was founded by Errol Gorman in 2009 when he recognized a need for agile assistance to the warfighters. GGI has been supporting the Air Force in Acquisition, IT, Training and Software since the date of their inception. GGI has also worked in the industry providing “Lean Six Sigma” – which is a collaborative method relying on team effort for peak performance – and “Agile analysis and implementation”, which streamlines the business process completely. The Ginisis Group has also developed a proprietary business intelligence app, Agile AX (A2X) that will combine all of the knowledge gathered from “Lean Six Sigma” and “Agile” to maximize custom benefits for any company that utilizes it. “Through the use of A2X, we have realized a significant increase in productivity and success within our organization,” says Shannon Morell, veteran, veteran spouse, and CEO of Legacy Life Counseling and Consulting, Inc. “It is with great pleasure that we announce our new opening in San Diego County. In faith, we made this bold move, and it is through faith that we will successfully establish our presence in San Diego. We already love it here!”, says CEO, Errol Gorman.

If you or your loved ones have any questions or inquiries about the Military Spouse Working initiative or Agile Ax, please contact our Marketing and Branding Manager: Makayla Keith | Phone: (818) 358-9929 | E-mail:

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Source: EIN Presswire