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Civil War Cannon Fire

Reenactment Stock Footage

Suffragettes circa 1910s

Need period accurate recreations? We've got your past 400 years covered!

Nearly everything you need to tell your story is at your fingertips. We place the greatest events and some of the most important moments of history within reach to anyone, and at almost any budget.”

— Kevin R Hershberger

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, USA, June 22, 2021 / — Need period re-enactments to complete your documentary project after a challenging year without many in-person shoots? Well, look no further than Reenactment Stock Footage – The world's first and only stock footage platform exclusively providing historical recreation and re-enactment stock footage.

The company also launched an all-new, streamlined and dynamic website. The site showcases the more than twenty different eras, and 400 years of history offered. In addition, nearly the entire library of footage is now available on-line for potential clients to review and download upon request.

The ever-expanding Reenactment Stock Footage bank of powerful and cinematic military and home-front footage includes everything from Colonial America to the Revolutionary War, the saga of American Slavery, the Civil War, the Wild West, Suffragettes, Prohibition Gangsters and both World Wars.

"Nearly everything you need to tell your story is at your fingertips," claims Kevin R. Hershberger, historian and Emmy-Nominated documentary filmmaker who owns and manages Reenactment Stock Footage. "We place the greatest events and some of the most important moments of history within reach to anyone, and at almost any budget.”

According to Director/Producer Lisa Q. Wolfinger (Co-creator of the PBS series "Mercy Street” – Owner of Lone Wolf Media), “My company specializes in high-end historical docudramas, and we are often faced with the challenge of recreating an epic story on a modest documentary budget. When the budget and ability to conduct a shoot falls short I know I can depend on Kevin’s excellent stock footage of historic reenactments to cover any holes. His in-depth knowledge of all things military and his strong directorial instincts have helped him create an impressive stock footage library and the production quality and level of acting is top notch and will compliment any high-end TV project. I have had no problem seamlessly weaving in his stock footage in our edits.”

With in-person shoots at a recent ebb – as well as with broadcast and independent budgets ever tightening – the company is positioned to offer incredible production-value to meet the needs and budgets of a wide variety of clients from around the World. "Anyone can afford compelling HD and 4K footage from us," adds Hershberger.

New collections even include 4K recreations with intensely authentic costumes, props, special effects and period actors. From intimate historical character vignettes to epic large scale battles, all of the historical collections are shot with expert cinematic composition and lighting. Some of the battle scenes include more than 15,000 authentic re-enactors, cannons and hundreds of cavalry.

It's also now easier than ever to find what you're looking for with select exclusive content from Reenactment Stock Footage now instantly available on Shutterstock and Pond5.

With nearly ‘four-hundred-years-of-footage’ available, the sales and research staff – comprised of highly qualified historians and advisors – is always available by phone and e-mail 24/7 to help with new content requests. According to Hershberger, “Reenactment Stock Footage truly makes history new again.”

About Kevin R. Hershberger
Emmy-nominated director, screenwriter and producer, Kevin R. Hershberger's productions have been awarded more than 70 national and international film festival and industry awards. Hershberger is himself a historian and veteran, having served as a Military Intelligence Officer in the United States Army.

About Reenactment Stock Footage
Reenactment Stock Footage offers customers and clients — Museums, documentary filmmakers, television producers, educators and independent creators — historically-rich new 4K and HD video from a vast collection spanning American and Worldwide historical events from 1607 Jamestown to the Vietnam War.

Kevin Hershberger
Reenactment Stock Footage
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HD Civil War Stock Footage REEL

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Intel Ice Lake HPC Servers, Clusters and Workstations now available on Koi Computers 2GIT BPA

Koi Computers Servers, Clusters, Workstations

2GIT BPA with Intel Ice Lake servers, clusters and workstations available for ordering

We look forward to this new opportunity to serve the government and provide our premier HPC/AI solutions to the Air Force and other authorized contract buyers.”

— Koi Computers Federal Business Development Manager Catherine Ho

CHICAGO, ILL., U.S., June 22, 2021 / — Koi Computers, a leading complete HPC technology solution provider for the U.S. government and military, is part of an elite technology team awarded the coveted GSA Second Generation Information Technology (2GIT) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware/software and ancillary services. With the recent 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) processor launch, HPC servers, clusters and workstations integrated with these processors are now available for ordering on Koi Computers 2GIT BPA.

Koi Computers servers and clusters integrated with the new Intel Ice Lake processors feature a balanced architecture with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities for the most demanding HPC and AI workload requirements. As the only data center CPU with built-in AI acceleration, 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are AI-optimized to maximize the most popular AI frameworks. This means faster time-to-solution by using software that streamlines end-to-end data science, from ingest to deployment.

Koi Computers is an Intel Titanium Partner and an Intel HPC Data Center Specialist. In addition to complete product solutions integrated with Intel Ice Lake processors, the company is offering free application benchmarking and trials on these new Intel processors.

The 2GIT BPA provides a complete information technology solution to meet the needs of the Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, and other federal, state, local, regional and tribal governments. The award gives agencies access to pre-approved contractors that have a supply chain risk management plan in place.
Koi Computers Federal Business Development Manager Catherine Ho said, “We look forward to this new opportunity to serve the government and provide our premier HPC/AI solutions to the Air Force and other authorized contract buyers. We have been working with the federal government for more than two decades and have earned a reputation for quality products, on-time delivery, and outstanding support.”
Products Koi Computers is offering through 2GIT include:
• Data Center (Compute/Store) including servers, storage, network and commercial off-the-shelf software
• Personal Computers including laptops, desktops, accessories and other products
• Network (Connect) including routers, switchers, wireless, video teleconference products and more
• Radio Equipment (through Teaming Agreement) including handhelds, chargers, vehicle units, base stations, and trunking systems

All federal, state, local, regional and tribal governments can now order Koi Computers’ 2GIT products via GSA Advantage! and eBuy. The 2GIT contract, now in effect, extends through March 30, 2026. Koi Computers’ BPA number is: 47QTCA21A001N. The company has a Small Business and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) socio-economic designation.

Learn more about Koi Computers’ 2GIT contract and 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Processors at:

Headquartered in Greater Chicago since 1995, Koi Computers has been working with top technology manufacturers to deliver scalable high performance computing and technology solutions that improve efficiency, reliability and speed. The company’s world-class engineering team specializes in building custom IT solutions that accommodate today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision with services that include performance benchmarking and outstanding support. Koi Computers has a strong track record of developing, building and deploying HPC technology for the U.S. Federal Government with satisfactory ratings in CPARS and Past Performance. The company is a Prime Contract Holder of the GSA IT Schedule 70, NASA SEWP V, and NITAAC CIO-CS contracts. To learn more, call: 888-LOVE-KOI (888-568-3564); email: or visit For media inquiries, contact Jeanna Van Rensselar at Smart PR Communications; 630-363-8081.

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Koi Computers
+1 888-568-3564
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Dr. Scott Bolton

The Juno mission to Jupiter. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This Year’s Virtual Conference Streams Free to All

WASHINGTON, D.C., US, June 22, 2021 / — The National Space Society is proud to announce the Principal Investigator of the Juno mission to Jupiter, Dr. Scott Bolton, as a keynote speaker at its annual International Space Development Conference®, which will be held virtually this year from June 24 through the 27th.

Bolton is a theoretical and experimental space physicist and the associate vice president of the Southwest Research Institute Space Science and Engineering Division. He began his work on the Juno mission to Jupiter after serving on both the Galileo and Cassini missions to the outer planets. His extensive research has focused on modeling the radiation environments of Jupiter and Saturn, the atmospheric and core structures of those planets, and the formation and evolution of the solar system. Besides his work as a scientist, Bolton has worked with many top artists to bring visual and musical interpretations of the outer solar system to a wide audience. He has authored over 250 scientific papers and consulted and appeared in numerous documentaries, and strives to bring STEM outreach to students around the world.

For his wide-ranging work, Bolton received the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Individual Award for Exceptional Excellence in Leadership in 2002, 2001, and 1996, as well as the Excellence in Management award in 2000; and has received over twenty NASA Group Achievement Awards. He currently works out of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, in association with NASA and JPL.

The International Space Development Conference is a four-day virtual event that will focus on key areas of space development: space settlement, space policy, space solar power, lunar development, and international space programs. It highlights areas of interest laid out in the National Space Society’s Roadmap to Space Settlement. Attendance of the first three days is free of charge.

The National Space Society was founded in 1987 via a merger of the National Space Institute, founded to promote citizen support for the American space program, and the L5 Society, based on the work of space settlement pioneer Gerard K. O’Neill. The NSS is the preeminent citizen's voice on space exploration, development, and settlement. For more information go to

Aggie Kobrin
National Space Society
email us here
+1 949-836-8464

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The Fitness Phenomenon Used By Olympians To Train for Tokyo 2021 – How You Can Use It To Maximize Your Results – BFR

Olympian Kate Grace Gets Tips on How To Implement BFR for Core Strength From Her Mother, Fitness Icon Kathy Smith

Photo of Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD Author and Expert BFR Theory and Application

Olympic Physician Jim Stray-Gundersen MD BFR Authority and Author of BFR Theory and Application

What Happens During BFR Training?


With skiers like Bode Miller and Mikaela Shiffrin part of the testing group, we were all frankly amazed at the fast response in training, fitness, strength, power, and recovery using BFR.”

— Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD

PARK CITY, UTAH , USA, June 22, 2021 / — When the 2020 Olympic games were formally postponed over the coronavirus pandemic, athletes gained another year of training in preparation for this summer’s 2021 Games scheduled to be held from July 23rd to August 8th in Tokyo, Japan. With the pandemic-induced obstacles, aspiring Olympians leaned into their training to keep them mentally and physically prepared. 

To remain resilient, consistent, and in Olympic-shape, various athletes looked for a new edge in their training and recovery using a special modality called Blood Flow Restriction, or BFR. With origins in Japan over 50 years ago, BFR has been somewhat of a secret to Olympians and behind the scenes in Physical Therapy Clinics and professional sports organizations as a well-used, well-researched, well-established modality of training to achieve strength, speed, power, and increase lean body mass, in a much faster amount of time using less heavy loads that traditional training.

Skeptical? Well, so was long-time Olympic Physician, Sports Scientist, and Exercise Physiologist, Jim Stray-Gundersen, MD. However, his initial skepticism changed after testing some of the top US Ski Team athletes and coaches with BFR – the results were profound.

"With skiers Bode Miller and Mikaela Shiffrin part of the testing group, we were all frankly amazed at the fast response in training, fitness, strength, power, and recovery," said Dr. Stray-Gundersen. "Using less risky heavy loads, doing simple training movements, some athletes were producing personal bests within a few weeks of using BFR and recovery from injury was almost unheard of. My skepticism took a 180 degree turn. I thought, if we can make these kinds of strength gains, and lean body mass improvements in an already very fit population, results for the 'normal' fitness population could be extraordinary," continued Stray-Gundersen.

"I wanted everyone to reap the BFR rewards." Stray-Gundersen with his partner, then developed a brand of BFR to be used by professional and the consumer population – B Strong BFR Training Bands.

B Strong BFR has now become the preferred method of training amongst the elite and is becoming more and more main stream every day, with A-Lists actors like Mark Wahlberg using BFR daily with his workouts, and leading fitness Icon, Kathy Smith using B Strong BFR to fight muscle loss.

"BFR transcends all populations and fitness levels. B Strong BFR is not just a product, it is becoming fitness phenomenon,” says Kathy Smith. "I use BFR for one issue, and my daughter, an Olympian uses BFR for recovery and sprint work.

"BFR helps athletes cut their rigorous training regimes in half and still experience rapid gains in strength and in fitness," says Dr. Stray-Gundersen.

Some Olympic Athletes using B Strong BFR to meet their training goals:

Kate Grace, or “Fast Kate,” is one of the most dominant middle-distance runners in the country. Kate placed in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, earning her a sponsorship with Nike and positioned her to compete in this year’s Games. Introduced to B Strong BFR training by her mother, Kathy Smith – fitness icon with 40 years of fitness training experience and New York Times best-selling author – Kate, credits B Strong for helping her to train at her optimal level for her next opportunity at gold.

Long-Time Team USA Beach Volleyball competitor Amanda Dowdy Lawson is seeing incredible results since implementing B Strong BFR into her training. She recently took to B Strong’s Instagram commenting, “B Strong has been a game changer!! Every athlete needs this in their training regime!” 

BFR Training is also a catalyst in recovery.

In a moment of desperation after an injury almost took her out of the Olympics, Kayla Miracle, USA Women’s Wrestling athlete, found hope and healing by using the B Strong BFR bands.  Kayla’s trainer and Director of Applied Sports Science at Neuroforce One, Kyle Silvey, said, "Using the B Strong BFR Bands allows us to train at higher intensities and trigger adaptation through lower overall volume and intensity (load) both of which are big wins. Also, with Kayla traveling a lot to different Olympic camps in preparation for Tokyo, we know that using the B Strong BFR bands we can get the training effect we are looking for even with limited equipment. "

Other Olympic athletes like Bode Miller, America’s most-successful male Alpine skier, Ted Ligety, five-time World Champion Giant Slalom skier, Mikaela Shiffrin, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Sarah Hendrickson, winner of the first women’s World Cup in ski jumping, use B Strong BFR on a daily basis. 

Whether an Olympic athlete training for consistent rhythm or a beginner, B Strong BFR is designed for everyone to safely train faster and smarter.
Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen has not only made this possible for striving-athletes to train like an Olympian, but for all ages tuning into the Tokyo 2021 Summer Games.

B Strong is a cutting-edge proprietary implementation of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training—an exercise technique that manipulates the body’s circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light weights and in a short period of time. The B Strong inflatable BFR bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms and/or legs to safely slow the blood in the limb. The bands are inflated to individualized pressures prescribed by the B Strong BFR Training System and APP guided platform, and then simple, low-load exercise produces profound muscle “burn” comparable to intense anaerobic training. This strong fatigue triggers a natural, robust, hormonal cascade, which in turn produces hypertrophy and strength gains on par with heavy exercise or traditional weightlifting. The hormones circulating in the bloodstream benefit all areas of the body that were working, not just the restricted limb or limbs, thus creating a “Systemic Response.” 
Dr. Stray-Gundersen offers Zoom Live Stream BFR Theory and Application Certification Courses. B Strong BFR bands help you improve any number of areas including peak performance, recovery from injury, injury prevention, maintaining fitness at any age, and increases lean body mass results, all in less time than traditional exercise.

Hollie Oliver
+1 435-901-0795
email us here

Olympian Kayla Miracle Uses B Strong BFR To Get More Out of Her Training

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Lockheed Martin Awarded Jotne Next Generation TDP Project Based on ISO Standards in Support of Digital Twin

Jotne is working with Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics business to enhance and deploy an open standards-based, trusted and certified digital repository,

OSLO, NORWAY, June 22, 2021 / — Jotne is working with Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics business to enhance and deploy an open standards-based, trusted and certified digital repository, supporting product lifecycle data interoperability, reducing Technical Data Package (TDP) management, and delivery cost.

TDPs are contractually required digital products that are delivered with aircraft. Jotne's effort for Lockheed Martin expands and extends a repository of the data from engineering, simulation, manufacturing, testing, maintenance, and logistics, for parts and assemblies included in the Technical Data Packages for each aircraft system.

Norway-based Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of defense, aeronautics, oil and gas, built environment and aerospace.

This TDP project utilizes the international standard ISO 10303 (STEP), which Lockheed Martin uses extensively.

Standards Based TDPs will streamline manufacturing and sustainment processes and reduce operational costs. As an increasing number of organizations invest in model-based engineering, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, a robust TDP solution enables use of the Digital Twin within and between collaborating companies, as well as across the lifecycle.

“By improving the time required to generate and assimilate a Technical Data Package, we can significantly reduce cycle times and costs while improving quality. Standards Based TDP is a key enabler for reducing the operational cost of Technical Data Package management. It will focus on affordability and will be tied to key processes and initiatives important to Lockheed Martin. Jotne’s TDP project is helping Lockheed Martin achieve business goals and objectives," said Dr. Michael Jahadi at Lockheed Martin.

“When realizing Digital Twin software solutions, use of standards as part of their DNA ensures that you can share Digital Twin models between suppliers and partners with diverse systems. In addition, with the Accenture 2021 Insight report stating that, ‘87% of executives agree that Digital Twins are becoming essential to their organization’s ability to collaborate in strategic ecosystem partnerships,’ we are on the right track,” says Dr. Remi Lanza, product owner at Jotne.

One of the main challenges when realizing a Digital Twin is the development of flexible systems that will scale, and at the same time provide interoperability for downstream applications. Jotne has experience and success in delivering similar solutions for Lockheed Martin and other companies. Jotne has implemented open and publicly available international standards to avoid silo implementation and vendor lock-in while enabling smart data exchange, easier sharing and archiving solutions, and increased visibility to customers and the supply chain.

Kjell A. Bengtsson
Jotne EPM-Technology
+47 907 45 640

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Alpha Data delivers new FPGA-based solution for High Altitude environments


ADM-VPX3-9Z5 System on a Module (SoM)

We built the Defense-Grade ADM-VPX3-9Z5 as an off-the-shelf product designed to military specifications throughout and suitable for all stages of a project, from development to deployment.”

— David Miller, Managing Director of Alpha Data

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM, June 22, 2021 / — Alpha Data, a world-leading company in FPGA-based acceleration, is pleased to announce the first shipment of the System on a Module (SoM) ADM-VPX3-9Z5 product to customers. This rugged, military specification product is designed for challenging environments including High Altitude operations.

The Defense-Grade ADM-VPX3-9Z5 has been produced by Alpha Data in collaboration with Xilinx and Texas Instruments, and features Mil-temp range (-55C to +125C) components throughout, for utilization in challenging environments.

The ADM-VPX3-9Z5 delivers high-performance in demanding environments and is especially designed to accelerate digital signal processing — making it particularly useful for remote sensing and Earth Observation.

Built by Alpha Data, the ADM-VPX3-9Z5 is a SOSA-aligned OpenVPX standard System on Module (SoM) that utilizes the Xilinx Defense-Grade Zynq UltraScale+ XQZU19EG FPGA. The board features Mil-temp Enhanced Plastic components from Texas Instruments for System Monitoring, Power and Temperature Sensing. The ADM-VPX3-9Z5 is also compliant with the auxiliary I/O in low-voltage (LVAUX) mode for Single Event Effects (SEE) mitigation.

The ADM-VPX3-9Z5 provides a hard-wearing module in a 3U-VPX form factor, which can be used for everything from early lab development to test, qualification and deployment in rugged environments.

“We built the Defense-Grade ADM-VPX3-9Z5 as an off-the-shelf product designed to military specifications throughout and suitable for all stages of a project, from development to deployment,” elaborated David Miller, managing director of Alpha Data. “The stringent specification of the 9Z5 means the product is intrinsically resilient and rugged — making it the perfect choice for high-altitude sensor processing as well as offering the potential for NewSpace applications.”

The ADM-VPX3-9Z5 is part of Alpha Data’s ever growing product range for “Extreme Environments” – which also includes the new ADA-SDEV-KIT3 Space Development Kit. This builds on the company’s strong technical heritage and the experience of providing products to aerospace primes and research organisations. Alpha Data engineers support customers looking to quickly leverage the very best in off-the-shelf reconfigurable computing.

Lara Zanoni
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L.A. based recording artist Asphalt Jones is pleased to announce the global radio release of his new single, “Dead Boy Hall Of Fame”.

Dead Boy Hall Of Fame" is "Judge and Jury" for Asphalt Jones' huge cinematic gamer musical tour de force! And we like it!”

— AB Walker, EH Music

FRANKLIN , TENNESSEE, USA, June 21, 2021 / — L.A. based recording artist Asphalt Jones is pleased to announce the global radio release of his new single, “Dead Boy Hall Of Fame”.

Asphalt Jones’ epic musical thriller “Dead Boy Hall Of Fame” takes you on a real-time journey with a highly-motivated seeker of justice in active pursuit of the twisted souls and criminal minds he hunts. 

Via Asphalt’s powerful and haunting vocal delivery, you will take each step with this inspired crime-fighter as his very words create the dark images and mental scenery where justice is ultimately served.

“The whole experience of writing and recording ‘Dead Boy Hall Of Fame’ with my musical brother Dr. T. Roberts was amazing, but also very intense for me as an artist," says Asphalt Jones, Independent Artist. "This performance required me to not only dig deep into my musical skills, but also compelled me to draw heavily upon my acting chops. It was with that ‘all-in’, creative mindset that I was able to harness the internal focus and fire-power required to creatively explore and then deliver upon a track as powerful as ‘Dead Boy Hall Of Fame’.”

"Dead Boy Hall Of Fame" is "Judge and Jury" for Asphalt Jones' huge cinematic gamer musical tour de force! And we like it!"  ~ AB Walker, EH Music
"Like Charles Bronson’s “Paul Kersey” in the iconic film "Death Wish,” "Dead Boy Hall of Fame" by Asphalt Jones shoots the listener into a modern rhythmic hip-hop/rock experience that vocally ricochets a unique tale of a hero fighting crime by taking justice into his own hands."  ~ Randall Franks, American Actor/Entertainer

About AirPlay Direct: AirPlay Direct is the premiere digital delivery / distribution company, brand and platform for engaging radio and airplay worldwide. AirPlay Direct is a professional B2B music business environment for artists, labels, publishing companies, radio promotion firms, PR / Media firms, etc.

AirPlay Direct currently has over 11,000 radio station members in 100+ countries and serves over 45,000 artist / label members globally on a daily basis. AirPlay Direct currently operates and services the largest global independent radio distribution network in the world with respect to Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Alt. Country, Roots Music, etc.

AirPlay Direct offers a variety of specialized professional services to work your music and brand to global radio, but specialize and EXCEL at advanced strategies and promotions for global radio. The APD Eco-System is an amazing business platform for artists, labels, managers, etc., to securely and effectively deliver, market and promote their music to radio stations around the world.

About Collective Evolution: Collective Evolution is a boutique entertainment and media consulting firm. Our clients include recording recording artists, record labels, record producers, management companies and radio promotion / PR firms. We deliver creative consultative services and customized business solutions to our clients based upon their specific needs and goals.

Lynda Weingartz
AirPlay Direct
+1 615-305-4567


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Jeff Farr, CEO, Prescott

Jeff Farr, CEO, Prescott

Prescott, a CMMC compliance service company, names Jeff Farr as CEO.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2021 / — Prescott, a Sarasota, FL based governance, compliance, and risk management firm which partners with Managed Service Providers to deliver CMMC readiness programs, has announced the appointment of a founding member, Jeff Farr, as its CEO.

Mr. Farr has successfully leveraged twenty-eight years of technology, innovation, and executive leadership experience to drive transformational change in several organizations. Prior to joining Prescott, Mr. Farr led two managed service providers (MSPs). Through his leadership, the MSP’s achieved accelerating profitability, strong staff retention, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings. One of these entities was subsequently acquired by a national MSP platform. Mr. Farr has earned a strong reputation in the MSP industry for transforming MSPs into profitable investments for shareholders.

Prior to his tenure in the MSP industry, Mr. Farr co-founded the Farr Group, an IT strategy and leadership consultancy to Fortune 500 clients. Farr Group’s clients benefited from Jeff’s intuitive understanding of aligning IT organizations with business objectives to drive efficiencies, increase productivity, and improve company performance. Over the past three decades, Jeff was a member of some of the leading tech companies worldwide (i.e., EDS, Ernst & Young, SAP, Cap Gemini, Oracle, and Tyler Technologies) providing leadership, consulting, and technical expertise in multiple industries: healthcare, oil & gas, financial services, hospitality, professional services, real estate, and telecommunications.

As CEO of Prescott, Mr. Farr is leading a team of experienced compliance management professionals singularly focused on assisting managed service providers and the thousands of companies they serve navigate their way through the Department of Defense’s (DoD) recently mandated Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance process. Prescott’s sole mission is to provide thought-leadership, assessment, remediation, and ongoing compliance services to help companies become and remain complaint throughout the CMMC “lifecycle.”

As widely reported in the media, the growing veracity and frequency of data breaches has escalated awareness among global organizations about the dire need for information security. Prescott’s mission is to help organizations navigate the complex and continuous journey of CMMC compliance.

To learn more about Prescott and we can help your firm manage the challenges of CMMC compliance, please visit us at

Devin Watt

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Take advantage of the Early Bird Tickets for Military Flight Training 2021

SMi Group reports: Only 9 days to go to get an early bird ticket for Military Flight Training which will convene on 4 – 5 October 2021.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2021 / — SMi Group are proud to announce the return of the Military Flight Training for its 9th year running, taking place in London, UK on 4-5th October 2021. Military Flight Training aims to comprehensively cover the latest developments in fast jet, rotary, and fixed wing training, as well as national approaches to pilot development and technological advances to synthetic and live training programmes.

For those interested in attending, there is a £200 early bird discount ending on June 30th. Register your place:

In recent news, new research found that despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the announcement of new businesses in the first three quarters of 2020 held promising growth potentials for stakeholders in the military flight training school’s market.

As NATO-allied countries are heavily investing in comprehensive flight training systems and platforms, attending SMi’s Military Flight Training conference in London taking place on 4th-5th October, will enable you to explore the best approaches to flight training in the 21st Century, along with senior military and industry representatives from Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, UK, and USA.

SMi have release snapshots of speaker presentations for the Military Flight Training 2021:

Group Captain Paul Cole, Assistant Director Plans, Directorate of Flying Training, Royal Air Force

Raising Military Aviation Training Standards to Enhance Future RAF Operational Capabilities.

•Enhancing the RAF’s operational training as it moves towards 5th generation capabilities
•Preparing pilots for operational readiness during international missions
•Overcoming recruitment challenges to ensure the RAF has the necessary human resources for future operations
•Exploring how advanced jet training is utilized to perform the required navigational and formation techniques
•Promoting flight training opportunities amongst cadets

Colonel Karel Valvoda, Director, Multinational Aviation Training Centre, Czech Armed Forces

Multinational Aviation Training Centre: Providing Leading Training to International Aircrew

•Overview of the MATC and its role in providing multinational training
•Harmonising and standardising aviation training and education whilst enhancing the quality levels of pilots
•Improving interoperability and capabilities of participating forces
•Facilitating the establishment of multinational task forces and their joint deployment to areas of operations led by NATO, the EU or the UN

Colonel Jason Caldwell, Director, Directorate of Simulations, US Army Aviation Center of Excellence

Evaluating Mental Workload Using Psycho-Physiological Measures During Helicopter Training

•The process: Information Acquisition, Interface Design and Biofeedback
•Technology in use
•Specific analysis of a flight training event
•Comparative analysis of different events

This two-day event is an invaluable opportunity to meet world-leading experts in the field of pilot training. The newly released brochure including the full speaker line-up and programme details is now available to download online at

Source: (Source: FLA News (
Sponsor: Ascent, Leonardo DRS
For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries, please contact Sadia Malick, Director on +44 (0) 20 7827 6748 or

For media enquiries please contact Nisha Poyser Reid on +44 (0) 20 7827 6020 or

9th Annual Military Flight Training Conference
4th-5th October 2021
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London, UK


About SMi Group:
Established in 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world's most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to learn, engage, share and network. More information can be found at

+44 20 7827 6020
email us here
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Red Hotel Series Logo

Red Hotel Series Logo

Red Deception Cover

Red Deception – A thriller from the Red Hotel Series

2 Books of Red Hotel Series

2 Books of Red Hotel Series

2nd Book of the Red Hotel Series by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman in Bookstores Now

RED HOTEL is a cutting-edge story about very real targets all around us. A real-world drama that doesn't just suggest what might happen but is telling us what is beginning to happen now! A must read!”

— Peter Greenberg, CBS News Travel Editor

LAGUNA HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2021 / — Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman have released the second book in their Red Hotel Series of international thrillers with RED DECEPTION (Beaufort Books; June 22, 2021).

Blending the experiences of his long career in the international tourism industry, having retired after 40 years with Marriott Lodging, the last 22 as President & Managing Director of Marriott International, and his first-hand knowledge of global politics, Ed Fuller partnered with acclaimed author, Gary Grossman to captivate readers once again as they draw a chilling portrait of the fragile fault lines in Europe and the players poised to seize power.

When terrorists bomb bridges across the country and threaten the Hoover Dam, the vulnerability of America’s infrastructure becomes a matter of national security. Once again, Dan Reilly, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, predicted the attacks in a secret State Department report written years earlier – a virtual blueprint for disaster, that was somehow leaked and is now in the hands of foreign operatives.

Washington is distracted by domestic crises as Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov sends troops to the borders of Ukraine and Latvia, ready to reclaim what he feels is Russia’s rightful territory. Tensions in Europe threaten to boil over as a besieged American president balances multiple crises that threaten to upend the geopolitical order. With the U.S. at the mercy of an egomaniacal leader, and reporters and covert agents on his tail, Reilly may be the one man who can connect the dots before an even bigger catastrophe unfolds.

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“RED HOTEL is a cutting-edge story about very real targets all around us. A real-world drama that doesn't just suggest what might happen but is telling us what is beginning to happen right now! A must read!”
Peter Greenberg
CBS News Travel Editor

“RED DECEPTION provides an in-depth and realistic ground level view of the type of asymmetric Nation-state sponsored threats faced by the Agencies tasked with protecting the United States both domestically and abroad. Thoroughly researched with thrilling pacing, it follows a worst-case scenario with the resulting fallout and a complex investigation that unfolds all over the Globe.”
Edward Bradstreet
Special Agent- Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)

“With their novel, Red Hotel, acclaimed journalist and thriller writer Gary Grossman and international hotel executive and Army combat veteran Ed Fuller showed how the world we live in has changed. Red Deception, takes the genre to another level, demonstrating how a true-to-life thriller can deliver vital information over even what the news media provides. Besides keeping us on the edge of our seats, Red Deception is so prescient, filled with deep insights into the real worlds of espionage and politics, while giving us a window that sheds light onto the darkest aspects of political intrigue and human nature.”
Barry Kibrick
Host of national PBS series, “Between the Lines”


ABOUT ED FULLER is CEO of Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium providing business consulting services worldwide. He has served on business and charitable boards during his 40-year career with Marriott International where he was chief marketing officer followed by 22 years as president and managing director of Marriott International. Under his management, the international division grew from 16 to 550 hotels in 73 countries with 80,000 associates and sales of $8 billion. Upon retirement, Fuller has served on five university boards and taught as adjunct professor for MBA and undergraduate students. He has blogged for Forbes and other tourism and lodging industry media. His book, You Can't Lead with Your Feet on the Desk, has been printed in English, Japanese and Chinese. Fuller served as captain in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany and Vietnam and received the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation medals. He and Gary Grossman are co-authors of the Red Hotel series, including the 2018 thriller Red Hotel and the 2021 release, Red Deception, soon to be followed by Red Chaos.

ABOUT GARY GROSSMAN is a journalist, newspaper columnist, documentary television producer, reporter, media historian and the author of Executive Actions, Executive Treason, Executive Command, and Executive Force. In addition to the bestselling Executive series, Grossman wrote the international award-winning Old Earth, a geological thriller. With Ed Fuller, Grossman has collaborated on the globe-hopping Red Hotel series. Grossman has contributed to the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and was a columnist for the Boston Herald American. He covered presidential campaigns for WBZ-TV in Boston. He is a multiple Emmy winner for series and specials for networks including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, History Channel, Discovery, and National Geographic Channel. He served as chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, and is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association and Military Writers Society of America. He is a trustee at Emerson College and serves on the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board. Grossman has taught at Emerson College, Boston University, USC, and currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University.

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Red Deception the 2nd Thriller in the Red Hotel Series

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